2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Out-Screens Tesla Model S, Everything Else

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Out-Screens Tesla Model S, Everything Else

The Mercedes-Benz user experience, or MBUX for short, has had a shaky reception. It’s Mercedes’ very latest infotainment setup and packed with a ton of features and panache, but it’s slightly more complicated than competing systems from other luxury automakers. (Many of them, we have to point out, have a lot of their own infotainment issues – we’re looking at you, Lexus, and your little touchpad thing.) But, for now, let’s set aside let’s call it maddening MBUX and take a look at the new version of the already new MBUX debuting in the flagship sedan of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2021.

Designed specially for the upcoming S-Class, this new new MBUX version is displayed on a massive central screen, as revealed by the spy photos floating on the Internet. The center console vaguely recalls the large infotainment screen that sits between the front seats of a Tesla Model S, in that it is oriented more vertically than the MBUX screens of other recent Benzes. However, where the Model S has only two screens, the central tablet and the group of digital gauges, Mercedes says that it goes a little further than on the S-Class.


How? ‘Or’ What? According to Stuttgart, the new S-Class will have up to five screens that the driver and passengers can view and manipulate. There will be the group of digital gauges expected in front of the driver, the very large panel that divides the driver and the front passenger, one mounted on each of the front seat backs, and yet another shoehorn between the rear passengers . That’s a lot of backlit real estate on which to display information, and the various screens are responsible climate controls, shifting seat positions, enabling car purchases, delivering presentations, and showing movies, among typical entertainment and entertainment. car control functions that you expect, perfectly propelling things beyond the current state of the art MBUX (at least in terms of capabilities). Fingerprint readers will be used to ensure the highest levels of security when accessing personal information on board.

One of the most remarkable features that debuted in the new S-Class? A head-up display in augmented reality. While augmented reality (AR) generally requires a device that acts as a screen for simulated content, Mercedes has integrated the effect into the S-Class’s head-up display using clever three-dimensional imitation animations , which float in the driver’s driving range. see it as “objects” in front of the car. If you’re wondering how useful this can be, don’t worry – Mercedes claims its augmented reality head-up display spans a whopping 77 inches of the windshield, although it’s unclear if it is the size of the display that appears to the driver or to a real dimension. Either way, yes, that counts as another screen.

The MBUX of the S-Class also benefits from other upgrades, such as improved voice recognition which will support up to 27 languages, integration of the smart home (so that you can lock your doors equipped with Smartlock or turn on your A / C at home from your car), and new safety functions made possible by monitoring the driver and passenger and their gestures. Scary, in a way.

The S-Class has always been a technical tour de force and has traditionally made its debut in terms of safety and comfort from Mercedes-Benz. The new model for 2021 seeks to keep this flame alive, further increasing the stake and advancing the state of the art of Mercedes-Benz. One thing is certain, there will be Best Buy screens.

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