2021 Maserati MC20 spy photo

2021 Maserati MC20 Caught Looking Sensational In 30 Spy Shots

Maserati is in the midst of a product overhaul that started with the Ghibli getting a facelift, a hybrid version and a V8-powered Trofeo version. The larger Quattroporte also embraced Ferrari power by receiving the Trofeo treatment, but the model we’re most excited to see this year is the MC20. Debuting in the first half of September, the all-new supercar was caught in the best spy shots yet with the bodywork and lights as standard.

The mid-engined coupe still lurks under heavy camouflage as Maserati even bothered to disguise the wheels, which we rarely see. Despite the body wrap with the graphics of the Italian flag as well as the make and model, it is easy to notice the huge air intakes at the rear to cool the engine.

We are hoping that these two tailpipes will be a bit larger on the final version and that they could actually be judged by the much larger cutouts in the rear bumper. A closer look at the rear reveals an aerodynamic element behind the engine cover that appears to incorporate a rear view camera. Generously sized air intakes at the top and bottom of the rear fenders, in front of the rear wheels, further indicate that a powerhouse is seated behind the seats.

Additional vents have been implemented in the front fenders to cool the brakes and it looks like the front trunk is flanked by air ducts to make the MC20 as sleek as possible by reducing its drag coefficient. Overall, the lowered coupe screams performance even with the camouflage plastered all over its aggressive body.

With Ferrari’s decision not to renew its engine supply contract with Maserati after the current deal expires, the MC20 will be powered by an in-house engine. Dubbed “Nettuno,” the 3.0-liter V6 equipped with a pair of turbochargers will develop 630 horsepower and 730 Newton-meters (538 pound-feet) of torque. If that wasn’t enough, Maserati has already announced plans to electrify the supercar later in its life cycle.

Meanwhile, the regular Maserati MC20 will be unveiled at the “MMXX: Time for Boldness” event scheduled for September 9-10. Rest assured there will be more teasers by then to make the wait easier.

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