2021 Lincoln Navigator Special Edition Package Coming With Design Tweaks

2021 Lincoln Navigator Special Edition Package Coming With Design Tweaks

We are well into the final months of 2020, and we have yet to hear what lies ahead for the Lincoln Navigator – until today. According to an exclusive scoop from Ford Authority, the Navigator 2021 will be delivered with a Special Edition pack.

The Special Edition pack will only be available for the premium Black Label trim, which Lincoln claims to be 9 out of 10 of its customers. As you might have guessed, the multitude of updates that come with this new package will be purely aesthetic, although images from the Special Edition package are not yet available for viewing.

Ford Authority The 2021 Lincoln Navigator Special Edition Pack reports that gives the full-size luxury SUV a mesh grille and body-color mirror caps, along with a blacked-out roof and roof racks. More importantly, the new set includes a 22-inch 12-spoke wheel set with an ebony black finish and Lincoln Star Hub wheel ornaments.

There is one caveat, however: the Special Edition package will not be available to order with the exterior color Infinite Black. So, for those who would like to have their Navigator in the darkest shade, they should go for the Monochromatic package, which will still be available with the 2021 model year, according to the post.

The Navigator Special Edition package will be available at the end of the 2021 model year, however, which means that if you like the distinctive aesthetic updates mentioned here, you’ll have to wait a few more months, even after it goes into production.

Of course, the prices were not mentioned in the report. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re looking for a browser, right?

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