2021 Lincoln Corsair and Aviator Add Monochromatic Package

2021 Lincoln Corsair and Aviator Add Monochromatic Package

Lincoln brings the elegant Monochromatic pack to its smaller crossover and SUV Corsair, Nautilus and Aviator for 2021-2020, in the case of the Nautilus, after having originally introduced the kit on its flagship Navigator. As the name suggests, the Mono package gives these luxury American vehicles an appropriate black look thanks to the black painted wheels and the exterior paintwork painted in body color, including the side mirror housings.

The color that these exterior elements can take is however limited. Lincoln offers the Monochromatic pack with only a handful of paint options. For example, the 2021 Corsair and Aviator models are available in black, white and gray, while Lincoln limits the 2020 Nautilus equipped with the Monochromatic package to black. (The Monochromatic packaging of Navigator, presented previously, offers a black or white paint.)

Unfortunately, the Monochromatic pack adds nothing to the standard and available functionality and comfort lists of these models. The package also does not offer dynamic upgrades. Lincoln remains a mom on pricing at the moment too. That said, we find it hard to see the rationale for spending something more than a few hundred dollars on this enhancing (or harming, depending on your opinion) style.

However, if you’ve always wanted to cosplay as a modern detective in a film noir, you will probably want to check the option box for the monochrome package on a Lincoln Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator or Navigator.

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