2021 Kia Soul Loses Options, Colors For New Model Year

The 2021 Kia Soul arrives with a few small modifications. As the company adds some features, the folks at Korean Automotive Blog Also note that the automaker is also removing equipment from certain trim levels.

All trim levels of the 2021 Soul now feature Rear Occupant Alert. This is a minor change, but useful for families with young children.

For the X-Line and GT-Line grades, Kia has revised the setting of the shock valves. The company says this translates to improved driving.

For 2021, the top-of-the-line model bears the simplified name Soul Turbo, rather than GT-Line Turbo last year. This also means that the red GT-Line badges are no longer on the outside of the vehicle.

For the EX and Turbo trim levels, the key fob now includes remote engine start.

While these features are welcome additions, Kia is also removing content from the EX Note. It no longer comes with projector-type headlights. The optional EX Designer package is no longer available either. It features 18-inch wheels, LED headlights, LED fog lights, LED taillights and a two-tone roof.

Korean Automotive Blog notes that Kia is also reducing the number of exterior color options available for the Soul 2021. These shades or combinations have disappeared for the new model year: yellow, gold, gold with a white roof, gray with a gold roof, white with a red roof, red with a black roof and black with a red roof.

The table below shows the prices for the Soul 2021.

Trim levelTransmissionPrice (excluding $ 1120 destination fee)
LX6-speed manual transmission$ 17,490
LXCVT$ 18,990
SCVT$ 20,590
X-LineCVT$ 21,690
GT-LineCVT$ 21,690
EXCVT$ 23,250
Turbo7 speed DCT$ 27,550

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