2021 Kia Sedona Fully Revealed With Up To 11 Seats, Two V6 Engines

Kia Introduces All-New Carnival, Offering Unparalleled Style, Space and Comfort

Fourth-generation minivan features solid, sleek design inspired by SUVs
Spacious, comfortable and futuristic interior, with panoramic screen layout
Smart three- or four-row packaging and best-in-class cargo space
New technologies help drivers, protect and entertain passengers
Easy and confident driving thanks to the new platform, steering and suspension
Powerful and efficient Smartstream engines with eight-speed automatic transmission
On sale in Korea in Q3 2020; sales to other global markets will follow
The all-new Kia Carnival is fully unveiled for the first time today, heralding the arrival of the brand’s flagship fourth-generation minivan. Sold in many markets around the world as the Kia Sedona, the new Carnival was designed to appeal to young progressive families with its primary combination of innovation, space, flexibility and style.

Based on Kia’s new midsize platform, the Carnival has been dubbed “Grand Utility Vehicle”; more refined, more spacious and more efficient than ever, and offering more space and efficiency than its predecessors – as well as all of the current competitors in the minivan segment. Its new SUV-inspired design is paired with a modern new interior with a range of technologies designed to help drivers while protecting and entertaining occupants. Smart three or even four-row packaging, top-notch cargo capacity and a range of storage areas throughout the cabin also make this an extremely convenient option for families.

“The Carnival has long been loved by buyers and has become Kia’s flagship family vehicle. The fourth generation Carnival is an important new vehicle for us because it demonstrates all the strengths that make Kia so popular around the world, ”said Thomas Schemera, Product Division Manager at Hyundai Motor Group. “It improves the quality, versatility and usability of its predecessors, while making travel much more relaxing and enjoyable for families. With sophisticated design and cutting-edge technologies to provide owners with greater value in their daily lives, the new model reinforces Kia’s role in the minivan segment. It is a “large utility vehicle” that sets a new standard for people carriers. “

The new Kia Carnival will go on sale in Korea starting today and sales are expected to begin in many of Kia’s global markets later in the year.


A character evolution for Kia’s flagship minivan
The new Carnival represents an evolution of Kia’s flagship minivan design, with a sense of solidity, futuristic detailing, and SUV-inspired shapes and surfaces. This brings a stronger and more elegant presence to the MPV segment.

Compared to the outgoing car, it features a shorter front overhang, with the base of the A-pillar being moved rearward to create a longer hood. Its extended wheelbase contributes to more interior space, and the longer side profile hints at the more refined dynamics of the new Carnival. A single character line runs the full length of the car, with bold wheel arches and crisp lines giving a more modern and sculpted appearance. A key design showcases its new ‘island roof’ design, with blacked-out A and B-pillars under a body-colored roof. An eye-catching new signature C-pillar design also stands out, with a chrome fin bearing a subtle diamond pattern.

Its new “tiger nose” design spans the width of the vehicle, incorporating LED daytime running lights (DRL), headlights and grille to give the new Carnival a confident and futuristic new look and a unique light signature. Sculpted bumpers and lower front air intake are matched with metallic trim and a black lower bumper – an obvious treatment on the brand’s SUVs.

At the rear, the Carnival has a sturdy stature and displays a wide and distinctive new look accented by a full-width light bar. Another element of its SUV-inspired design is the metal lower skid plate, further providing a more rugged appearance.

“The design of the new Carnival presents a concept focused on two essential points. First, as a minivan with a stunning exterior design that resembles a high-end SUV; second, interior space maximized to satisfy the needs of our customers and perhaps even surprise them with more intuitive and positive experiences, ”said Karim Habib, senior vice president and general manager of Kia Global Design. “The new Carnival design has a great sense of solidity with a stable stance and powerful proportions. Detailed and futuristic elements further amplify its confident presence. We believe the all-new Carnival will be a fantastic vehicle and a great life partner for our customers. “

The new Carnival offers customers a choice of up to eight exterior paint colors, as well as a range of aluminum alloy wheel models, 17, 18 or 19 inches in diameter, depending on specifications.

Inside, the cabin of the new Kia Carnival is based on the concept of “Spatial Talents”, providing a relaxing, high-tech and elegant environment, ideal for family trips.

This is manifested in the livability of the Carnival, coupled with a sense of modernity and style. The interior represents an increase in quality and design over its predecessor, with a new futuristic cabin. The high-tech vibe is more evident in its wide, panoramic instrument panel design, which incorporates dual-screen infotainment technologies and haptic touch controls.

A compact gearshift dial for the transmission is located at the base of the center console, freeing up space and falling easily within reach.

Platform and packaging

Utility galore, with more space and smart interior packaging
Thanks to its new platform and larger body, the fourth-generation Carnival offers unrivaled space for passengers. Depending on the market, the Carnival offers owners three- or four-row seating configurations, accommodating seven, eight, or 11 occupants in total. The car is also more versatile and spacious than ever, offering smart and flexible interior packaging and an abundance of cabin storage space.

The Carnival boasts a 30mm longer wheelbase (up to 3090mm) and a 10mm wider body (up to 1995mm), improving utility for families. The overall length of the new Carnival increases from 40mm to 5,155mm, with a 30mm longer rear overhang (up to 1,130mm), creating more space for third row passengers and the best luggage space in its class.

In its popular seven-seat configuration, the Carnival features Kia’s reclining “premium relaxation seat” for second-row occupants, with an adjustable backrest, armrests and legrests providing “class” seating. business”. It also offers a one-touch “Relaxation” mode, automatically reclining and adjusting the seats for maximum comfort on a longer ride. Combined with the Carnival’s flexible seating arrangement, this ensures that the new model is easy to install as the ideal car for any situation.

With only the first row of seats in service, the Carnival offers best-in-class trunk volume of up to 2,905 liters (VDA, three-row configuration), with 627 liters available for use behind the third-row seats (vers the top edge of the seat backs). In addition, the lift height of the trunk is 26mm lower than its predecessor, at 640mm, which makes loading easier. The power tailgate and intelligent power sliding rear passenger doors also facilitate access to the trunk and cabin (see “Connectivity and technology” below for more information).

Connectivity and technology

New technological features connect, protect and entertain occupants
The Carnival user experience is defined by the role of technology and connectivity, with a range of high-tech features designed to make life with the minivan as easy and convenient as possible. These new technologies help drivers, while connecting, protecting and entertaining occupants.

The heart of the car’s connectivity features is the high-tech twin digital display. It connects Kia’s latest 12.3-inch digital dashboard and 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment and navigation system under a single piece of transparent glass. This dual screen display creates a panoramic and wide user experience, with numerous infotainment functions controlled via touch buttons around the screen. There is a similar haptic control panel further down in the center console for temperature control.

Depending on the market, the system offers a crystal-clear display, as well as seamlessly integrated Android Auto ™ and Apple CarPlay ™ with voice recognition. The Carnival also offers live telematics information via the on-board touchscreen and on their smartphone.

Depending on local market conditions, Kia Live services provide live traffic information, weather forecasts, points of interest, and details of on- and off-street parking options (including price, location and availability of parking). It also allows drivers to send directions to their car before a trip and to check their vehicle’s location at any time.

The infotainment system also allows users to connect two smartphones via Bluetooth at the same time, making it possible to use separate phones for phone calls or media.

The technology is also being used to create a more sociable environment within the cabin itself, with the fourth-generation Carnival featuring a new “Rear Passenger View & Talk” feature. Front passengers can use it to check rear seat occupants with a small camera hooked up to the infotainment system – instead of turning around in their seats. It also makes it easier for front occupants to communicate with other passengers, as the system amplifies their voices through the rear speakers. If front occupants allow, new ‘rear passenger voice recognition’ technology also allows second-row occupants to issue voice commands to control the infotainment system.

Other technologies are designed to make the Carnival even more practical – an essential part of any good van. These include smart one-button opening and closing of the power sliding rear doors and tailgate. The smart rear doors and power slide tailgate can also be opened and closed automatically when the key fob is held nearby for three seconds – the perfect measure for parents loading young passengers into the car.

The Carnival provides passengers with puddle lighting to make it safer and easier to enter and exit. This is combined with Safe Exit Assist technology, as well as a full range of advanced driver assistance systems to protect occupants and other road users (see “Safety”).


New “Smartstream” powertrain technologies improve efficiency and performance
The new Carnival adopts Kia’s latest “Smartstream” powertrain technologies to improve efficiency and performance. Depending on market and specification, the new Carnival is available with a choice of up to three new engines, all of which deliver fast and easily accessible performance.

The most powerful engine in the range is a 3.5-liter GDi (gasoline direct injection) V6, producing up to 294 hp and torque of 355 Nm. This engine features an advanced GDi system and multipoint injection (MPI), which optimizes the combustion cycle according to conditions to maximize power and efficiency. A new cooled exhaust gas recirculation system offers efficiency benefits, helping to lower the engine’s combustion temperature for greater fuel economy. A new integrated thermal management and cross-flow system further helps manage the engine’s operating temperature to maximize efficiency at all times.

A 3.5-liter MPi petrol V6 is also available, producing up to 272 hp and torque of 332 Nm. This features the same new integrated thermal management system as its GDi counterpart.

A new 2.2-liter “Smartstream” diesel engine is offered to customers in many markets and is one of the cleanest diesel units Kia has ever made. Producing up to 202 hp and delivering 440 Nm of torque over a wide engine speed range, the new engine replaces the cast iron block of its predecessor with a lighter 20 kg aluminum block. In addition, it features a range of measures that reduce friction, aid cooling, improve efficiency and reduce emissions. These include new high-pressure injectors, new balance shafts, a thermal management system and selective catalytic reduction to regulate emissions.

All engines are mated to standard eight-speed automatic transmissions, providing smooth, rapid progression to match the car’s unperturbed dynamic character.

Driving and handling

Easy, comfortable and confident driving
The new Carnival retains the same driving character as its predecessors, emphasizing comfort and safety above all else. The development of the new model has focused on providing an easy, comfortable and confident ride, with stable handling in all conditions.

The new fully independent suspension system and a range of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) measurements are designed to provide reassuring and relaxing on-road behavior, maximizing stability and occupant comfort.

The suspension system has been drastically changed from the outgoing third-generation Carnival. Up front, Kia engineers applied a new multi-skeleton cross member and new geometry to better distribute side loads on the front suspension when cornering to stabilize handling. The body is also mounted on the rear cross member section with new hydraulic bearings, with the fluid inside the rubber pads reducing the level of suspension and engine vibration transmitted to the body. It also mitigates the effect of heavy shocks on the front suspension, subtly improving ride comfort, even on broken surfaces.

The rear suspension has also been revised, with longer lower suspension arms and a revised spring layout to better handle changes in the road surface. Meanwhile, the angle of the rear shocks has been adjusted to better absorb road shocks.

A new column-mounted motorized power steering setup replaces the outgoing model’s hydraulic power steering system, resulting in a slightly more direct response to steering inputs, with a 5.6% faster steering ratio. The new system also enables many of the Carnival’s new driver assistance technologies, which are based on an electric power steering motor (see “Safety” below).

Progressive refinement is something no minivan driver wants to sacrifice, and the Carnival also excels in this area with a range of new NVH features that go beyond what many of its major competitors offer. A full range of soundproofing and insulation measures ensure that the new model is one of the quietest and most refined on the road. These include new insulation materials around the four wheel arches, full underbody coverage to reduce wind and road noise, and dense insulation between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment. The air intake has also been redesigned to reduce engine noise at high speeds, while new cross members in the cabin floor reduce vibration noise through the body.

Safety and convenience

Active safety and ADAS technologies to protect families on every journey
The new Carnival features a range of passive and active safety and driver assistance systems, protecting the driver and their passengers on every journey. Kia’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) help reduce many of the dangers and stresses inherent in driving, making the Carnival relaxing, safe and inspiring to drive.

Depending on the market and vehicle specification, the ADAS lineup on the new Carnival is one of the most comprehensive to be found on a new car today. Available technologies include Forward Collision Avoidance (FCA) with detection of cars, pedestrians and cyclists; Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA); Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assistance (BCA); Intelligent Speed ​​Limit Assistant (ISLA); Driver Attention Warning (DAW); Blind Spot Vision Monitor (BVM), High Beam Assist (HBA); Intelligent Cruise Control (SCC) or Navigation-Based SCC (NSCC); Lane Keeping Assistance (LFA); Motorway driving assistance (HDA); and surround view monitor (SVM).

Safe Exit Assist (SEA) is a significant new addition to the fourth generation Carnival suite of safety technologies. SEA prevents the power sliding rear doors from opening – and young passengers exiting the vehicle – if the system detects a car approaching from the rear on either side.

Kia’s “Level 2” autonomous driving technology, on-road assistance (HDA), controls acceleration, braking and steering depending on the vehicles ahead. Using the front view camera and front radar, it helps maintain a set distance and speed to the vehicle in front of you when driving on a freeway and helps center the vehicle in its lane while driving . In addition, it includes a rear view monitor (RVM), rear cross collision avoidance assist (RCCA) and a front and rear park distance warning (PDW).

The RCCA system helps prevent collisions with vehicles crossing behind left and right sides of the Carnival in reverse. This helps the driver by automatically braking the car if it detects obstacle clearance behind it.

The new Carnival is offered with Kia’s innovative Multi-Collision Braking System, which allows the car to mitigate the severity of secondary collisions. It automatically applies the vehicle’s brakes when the airbags have inflated after an initial collision, further protecting occupants from secondary frontal or side impacts.

The Carnival is equipped with up to seven airbags, as well as a suite of electronic vehicle security systems. All models come standard with Kia’s Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) and Electronic Stability Control system, helping drivers maintain control when braking and cornering.

The body is made of different grades of high strength steel, maximizing torsional rigidity while maintaining low body weight. The new model’s shell features newly reinforced pillars and a higher proportion of advanced high-strength steel and hot-stamped steel than its predecessor, which increases torsional stiffness and adds strength. The stiffer body reduces road vibration and improves occupant safety in a crash.

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