2021 Hyundai Venue Pros and Cons Review: What Price Affordability?

2021 Hyundai Venue Pros and Cons Review: What Price Affordability?


  • Solid exterior design
  • Large standard infotainment display
  • Attractive interior

The inconvenients

  • Lots of cheap plastic
  • Weak engine
  • No all-wheel drive available

Any automotive engineer will tell you: small, inexpensive vehicles are the hardest to make. Low selling prices mean small profit margins, which means small development budgets. Problems that could be improved or solved with a little more work or more expensive parts are not solved when there is no more money in the budget. To make a good car cheaply, you have to compromise somewhere, and the 2021 Hyundai Venue shows how it’s done.

No one expects a Rolls-Royce for $ 23,000 fully loaded, but expectations for entry-level cars have risen over the years, so they can’t be disposable either. The place comes out of the gate loudly focusing on emotional appeal. The editors appreciated its sleek exterior with its optional two-tone roof.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the premium interior design and the standard large infotainment display. This premium Denim trim level offers a lot of visual appeal for such a cheap car.

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However, dig a little deeper and you’ll quickly find out where Hyundai found the money to spend on bringing a fun design to production. Quality, soft-touch materials are strategically placed where the driver and front passenger are most likely to look and touch, but everywhere else it’s tough, inexpensive plastic that scratches easily.

And it’s up front. Sit in the backseat and you’ll see a lot more of that drab, easily scratched plastic and nothing else. Hyundai engineers have clearly prioritized the front occupants, because even on this loaded model, there are no features for those who sit in the back – and almost as little legroom. You’ll find the same plastic in the cargo area, which might as well be pre-scuffed from the factory considering the wear and tear it will show once you use it.

You have to expect cheap materials in cars that start at $ 18,490, so fair enough. Unfortunately, this is not the only way Hyundai is saving money. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine is as “rowdy and weak” as it sounds, editor-in-chief Jonny Lieberman said.

The standard CVT (the six-speed manual is no longer available) does a good job of blowing the Venue off the line, but once you get on the move, it’s nothing to work on. Pushing harder on the gas makes noise, not power. Its most cost-effective quality is the fuel economy it returns, exceeding 30 mpg across the board. The price of this, however, is put on track for the life of the vehicle.

Then there are the philosophical issues. On the one hand, Hyundai does not offer all-wheel drive on the site at any cost. While it looks like a compelling small SUV, that choice makes the Venue a great hatchback. We were also looking at the most expensive place. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll have to settle for even less cool features.

Still, we have to give credit to the place. For $ 23,380 fully loaded you get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a large touchscreen running Hyundai’s excellent software, keyless entry and start, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, blind spot warnings, LED headlights and plenty of style.

“It’s a great little car that looks stylish, offers decent technology and has a youthful appeal,” MotorTrend in Spanish said editor Miguel Cortina. “If I graduated from high school, I would like my first new car to be like this. Of course, the Kia Soul is better. “

Any car at this price will have compromises. Hyundai has tried to make the Venue as livable as possible. We’ve seen better compromises, but we’ve also seen worse.

Specifications of the Hyundai Venue 2021
Base price / as tested$ 18,490 / $ 23,380
Power (SAE network)121 hp at 6,300 rpm
Torque (SAE thread)113 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm
Accel, 0-60 mph9.4 seconds
Quarter mile17.2 seconds at 130.7 mph
Braking, 60-0 mph125 ft
Lateral acceleration0.79 g (average)
MT Figure eight28.7 s at 0.56 g (average)
EPA City / Hwy / Comb30/34/32 mpg
Vehicle layoutFront-engine 4-door SUV, front-wheel drive, 5 passengers
Engine / transmission1.6 L DOHC 16-valve I-4 / automatic variable cont
Empty weight (Dist F / R)2676 lbs (60/40%)
Wheelbase99.2 in
Length x Width x Height159.1 x 67.9 x 61.6 inches
Energy consumption, city / highway112/99 kWh / 100 miles
CO2 emissions, comb0.61 lbs / mile

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