2021 Hyundai Tucson Unofficial Renderings Reveal A Polarizing Design

The roads of the world are absolutely inundated with a sea of ​​SUVs and crossovers. You’ll find them in a range of sizes, but the overall shape is pretty much the same. This poses a huge challenge for designers looking to stand out in the crowd, and the next Hyundai Tucson might get rather nervous because of it.

The automaker has done a good job of keeping its next-gen SUV under cover, but the camouflage has peeled off and rendering artists have been working to digitally reveal the new model. We’ve seen unofficial Tucson models from AtchaCars before, but this bundle focuses on the profile and rear of the upcoming SUV. Using recent spy photos as a baseline, these renderings depict all sorts of contrasting body lines with thick wheel arches.

Meanwhile, the hood takes on a very round organic shape that meets a large grille that has sort of been seen in spy photos. Narrow headlamps flank the radiator grille and at the rear renderings depict straighter edges with crisp, geometric taillights connected by a long, thin lens through the hatch. The Tucson brand is large and supported under the license plate.

What will the next-gen Tucson actually look like? Close-up spy shots suggest the grille, lights, and bottom vents are accurate. The profile of these renders borrows heavily from Hyundai’s Vision T concept, but again, spy photos suggest that most of these body lines are present on the production model. Likewise, spy photos reveal the taillights, though the full-width lens and Tuscon branding are still a mystery.

The next Tucson is expected to use the company’s 2.5-liter Theta3 four-cylinder engine for the U.S. market, with eight-speed automatic send power to the standard front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive will of course be available, but other details regarding the mechanical equipment have been closely monitored. That could change soon, as we expect Hyundai to reveal the new Tucson by the end of the year as a 2021 model.

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