2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

2021 Hyundai Santa Fe, Venue To Get Substantial Updates In The U.S.

Hyundai has officially announced its 2021 model line in the United States. the crossovers of the South Korean brand.
Most models are carried over from outgoing versions, such as the Kona and Tucson, which receive either a new trim (Kona Night Edition) or a new color option (Tucson Coliseum Gray). The picket fence, on the other hand, is mostly carried over outside of the addition of the premium calligraphy trim, as is the Nexo which will come in 2021 without any changes.

The Santa Fe is probably one of the most controversial pieces of information in this official release. Hyundai has branded its 2021 Santa Fe as a “product improvement,” sort of vague wording for a vehicle to undergo a major overhaul.

Note that the Santa Fe is already receiving a refreshed model outside of the U.S. The redesigned crossover now rides on a new platform and sports a bold design marked primarily by its massive grille and Palisade-style DRLs. It also gets a 265 horsepower PHEV version in Europe, but we haven’t seen if that will enter the US market as well.

Either way, the Santa Fe is already due for a facelift, so we’ll likely see the global spec model in America soon. All we’re waiting for is an official release.

Now what about the Hyundai Venue? The quart-sized crossover will ditch the six-speed manual transmission and steel wheels on the base SE trim. Other items included in the Convenience Package and standard on the Premium Denim trim are now standard with the SEL. The only thing that separates the Denim trim from the SEL is the exclusive Denim color with white roof.

Hyundai has yet to announce pricing for the 2021 models.

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