2021 GMC Sierra 1500 And HD Arrive With Tech To Make Towing Easier

2021 GMC Sierra 1500 And HD Arrive With Tech To Make Towing Easier

2021 GMC Sierra Delivers More Innovative Trailering Technology As Americans Continue To Take The Road To Outdoor Adventures
Jack-Knife Alert, Trailer Length Indicator, and Enhanced Rear Trailer View join camera technology available on the GMC Sierra 1500 and Sierra Heavy Duty to help drivers tow like a pro

DETROIT – At a time when towing is on the rise, the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 and Sierra Heavy Duty will offer several new features available that build on the strong lineup of customer-focused towing technologies.

“Towing is essential for pickup truck customers. More than half of our Sierra customers use their trucks primarily for towing outdoor adventure equipment, ”said Rich Latek, GMC Marketing Director. “We continually listen to customer feedback, who tell us they want state-of-the-art safety, technology and comfort to tow what they need, whether it’s a boat, a camper car or trailer carrying off-road toys.

These updates come as an ever-growing number of Americans turn to outdoor pursuits that require a trailer. In a recent study, the RV Industry Association found that over 46 million Americans plan to take an RV trip next year. As a result, RV shipments have increased this summer and towable RVs account for about 90% of those sales.1

New or improved towing technology available on 2021 GMC Sierra light and heavy models includes:

Trailer Length Indicator: New for 2021, when activated and you drive forward with the turn signal on, the center console display will show a red overlay twice the length of the compatible trailer and indicate when other vehicles are present and may interfere with a lane change maneuver.
Jack-Knife Alert: New for 2021, Jack-Knife Alert tracks the position of the compatible trailer in relation to the vehicle. If the front of the trailer approaches the rear of the vehicle, an alert is displayed for a potential jack knife situation.
The rear view of the trailer now includes guidelines and a trailer angle indicator: The rear view of the trailer has been improved to include guidelines that help put a trailer back in place and a trailer angle indicator to show the relationship between the truck and the compatible trailer. Rear view of trailer requires customer installed GM Auxiliary Camera.
Improved Rear Side View: When driving forward on the 2020 GMC Sierra, the rear side view provides a split view of the left and right sides of the truck and compatible trailer that is automatically skewed based on angle of the trailer. In the 2021 GMC Sierra, drivers will have access to this view while driving in reverse, making it easier to see surrounding vehicles and objects when positioning a trailer.
Cargo Box View Improvement: New cargo box zoom view and box hitch guidance are now available, which can be useful for aligning and hitching a gooseneck / fifth wheel trailer.
Some towing features require a conventional hitch box or camping trailer and additional setup may be required. Customers can see their dealers for more details.

Additional updates for 2021 GMC Sierra 1500

Other additions to the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 include increased availability of the MultiPro tailgate on SLE and Elevation trims, as well as a new color selection. New features available on the GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 include 20-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory tires and a high clearance off-road running board.

The available Duramax 3.0L Turbodiesel, which strikes the ideal balance of performance and efficiency with 460 lb-ft of torque and best-in-class horsepower while delivering up to 30 mpg estimated by the EPA on l highway, is a popular choice for GMC Sierra customers. For 2021, the popular engine’s MSRP will be reduced by $ 1,500, putting it at $ 995 MSRP above the Sierra 1500’s 5.3L V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management.

Additional updates for 2021 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty

New additions to the 2021 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty include improvements to popular premium truck trims. HD Surround Vision and Bed View camera technology is now standard on Denali. The new Sierra HD Denali Black Diamond Edition will feature several unique features, including exclusive 20-inch high-gloss black wheels and new electrically retractable assist steps.

Similar to the Sierra 1500, the Sierra Heavy Duty AT4 will now feature 18-inch Mud Terrain tires and a high clearance off-road step.

Other additions to the Sierra HD include the MultiPro Tailgate standard on SLE and three new colors.

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