2021 Ford F-150 Redesign Revealed With Hybrid Version, Clever Features

Designed to get things done, Ford unveils the strongest, most productive and most powerful F-150 in its class

The all-new Ford F-150 takes the US truck of choice for work and play to the next level, aiming to provide the highest towing, payload, torque and horsepower of all large, light pickups with ingenious features, even more productive customers and new technologies such as live updates and SYNC® 4

The new exterior design has a bolder and even more resilient appearance, and a completely new interior provides more comfort, technology and functionality for truck customers, as well as improved materials, new color choices and more storage

· The new available tailgate work surface increases productivity at the back of the truck, while the optional new interior work surface makes using a laptop or eating more comfortable; Max reclining seats available with nearly 180 degrees of recline help customers rest between jobs

· Pro Power Onboard ™ available means that customers can leave the generator at home and free up loading space; there is enough energy to power 28 medium refrigerators, recharge a bed full of electric bikes or complete a site with tools

· The exclusive 3.5-liter PowerBoost ™ hybrid engine offers Ford Tough capacity – it is designed to have the most torque and power of any light full-size pickup, at least 12,000 pounds of maximum towing capacity availableᶧ and a targeted EPA – estimated range of around 700 miles on a single gas tankᶧ

DEARBORN, Michigan, June 25, 2020 – As America returns to work, Ford unveils its all-new F-150 – part of the F-Series that has been America’s choice to do the job for 43 years consecutive. The all-new F-150 is specially designed to be the toughest and most productive F-150 ever and is designed to be the most powerful light full-size pickup on the market.

“Since 1948, our regular F-Series customers have trusted Ford to help them do their jobs,” said Jim Farley, Ford operations manager. “The F-150 is our flagship product, it is 100% assembled in America, and we stand at the highest level to make sure our customers can get the job done and continue to make a difference in their communities.”

The all-new F-150 raises the standard for all light trucks. It targets the most towing, payload, torque and power of all light full-size pickups, has all-new features to increase customer productivity, has new connected vehicle innovations such as upgrades live updates that help keep the F-150 state-of-the-art, and an all-new 3.5-liter PowerBoost ™ hybrid powertrain available with Pro Power Onboard ™ – an integrated power generator.

“We see it as our duty to provide not only what our customers want and need, but also what they never thought possible,” said Craig Schmatz, chief engineer at Ford F-150. “The F-150 will be more robust than ever, and with fully connected live updates, it opens up a much wider range of potential improvements – from predictive maintenance to feature upgrades.”

The strongest F-150 ever
The all-new F-150 begins with a long-lasting, proven foundation – a fully boxed, high-strength steel frame with a military-grade, high-strength aluminum alloy body. Each robust and distinctive exterior panel is redesigned while retaining its bold and resilient signature look, including an updated headlight design, a new electric dome cover and wraparound bumpers. Higher front fenders, a folded midsection, and larger diameter tires removed by three-quarters of an inch create a stronger and more powerful position on and off the road.

There are 11 grille options available in the series range, all differentiated in their design and all undoubtedly F-150, as well as new tailgate applications. Functional enhancements include LED headlights and taillamps and extended full power running boards with start switch that provide better accessibility to the truck-side cargo box.

The all-new F-150 is also the most aerodynamic ever. The new active grille shutters, a new active automatic air barrier and the new geometry of the cab and tailgate all work together to reduce drag and improve fuel consumption on each truck.

The interior has been completely redesigned to enhance the experience of truck owners with style, comfort, utility and technology. With improved materials, new color choices and more storage, it is built around the functional needs of truck customers. Every surface has been carefully designed, like the two-tone seats more resistant to dirt for XL or the new standard double glove box.

The F-150 features an all-new 12-inch center screen – standard on XLT and higher series – which allows customers to split the screen and control multiple functions simultaneously, including navigation, music or truck. The landscape design strikes a balance between the demands of technological accessibility and the greater convenience of physical buttons. An 8-inch touchscreen, standard on standard and mid-range XL and XLT trucks, means that every customer benefits from touchscreen functionality and better vision from the rear view camera. Both screens provide access to the new digital owner’s manual, which can make it easier for all customers to find the information they need, including handy videos for further explanation.

A new group of 12-inch digital gauges available includes a large area of ​​information on demand, as well as truck-specific graphics and animations that respond to the selectable driving modes of the all-new F-150 and can display data from anywhere. – ground and turns. navigation step by step.

The most productive F-150 ever
Ford’s deep understanding of truck customers informs the new features of the all-new F-150 that help take productivity to the next level.

Creating the ultimate durable office anywhere, the optional new interior work surface of the F-150 is great for signing documents, working on a 15-inch laptop, or having a meal while parking. It is available in the bench and captain’s seat configurations on XL to Limited. Knowing that many customers prefer a console gear lever, Ford has created a retractable unit for the F-150, which folds easily into the center console at the press of a button and allows full access to the large work surface in the Park.

The class-exclusive Max reclining seats available on King Ranch, Platinum and Limited models provide ultimate comfort during downtime. The max reclining seats fold flat to almost 180 degrees, the lower cushion rising to meet the back cushion and the upper back support swiveling forward up to 10 degrees for maximum comfort.

The lockable, fold-down rear storage space adds an arch to the F-150 which expands the width of the rear seats. It’s as simple as lifting the lower seat back cushion, putting valuables in it, and locking it to keep it safe. Ideal for storing long items like fishing rods or plans, it even has a divider to organize the equipment.

Each all-new F-150 comes standard with new tabs mounted on the sides of the tailgate to serve as lashing points for extra-long items in bed. New clamping pockets are integrated into the tailgate of each truck, so that customers can retain materials for precision work. An available flat tailgate work surface also includes built-in rulers, a mobile device holder, a cup holder and a pencil holder.

Guests can continue to stay overnight with the exclusive area lighting available. This allows occupants to turn individual sections of outdoor lighting on and off via the SYNC® 4 screen or remotely with the FordPass app on their phone, so they never have to work, camp or do anything in the dark.

The all-new F-150 is the only full-size, lightweight pickup to offer reverse trailer guidance and trailer rescue assistance available. Trailer Reverse Guidance, made popular on Super Duty, uses the truck’s high resolution cameras to provide multiple views as well as useful graphics that tell drivers which way to turn the wheel while reversing. Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which makes backing up a trailer as easy as turning a dial, continues on the F-150.

The most powerful in its class
The all-new 3.5-liter PowerBoost full-hybrid V6 powertrain is designed to deliver the most torque and power of any light full-size pickup. Available at all trim levels, from F-150 XL to Limited, the uncompromising PowerBoost system – the only full-size, lightweight pickup to offer a full hybrid – adds instant electric torque to the 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6 Ford. It targets an EPA estimated range of about 700 miles on a single gas tankᶧ and will provide at least 12,000 pounds of maximum tow available – equivalent to the average weight of 43 NFL linemen.

PowerBoost combines Ford’s proven EcoBoost engine and 10-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission with a 35-kilowatt (47 horsepower) electric motor built into the transmission, as well as software specifically calibrated for truck use, including Driving modes such as tow / haul mode to help customers better manage towing of heavy trailers.

The electric motor applies regenerative braking energy capture to help recharge the 1.5 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. The battery is efficiently packed under the truck, leaving the PowerBoost F-150’s cab and cargo box as spacious for passengers and cargo as other comparable F-150 models. The system is capable of sustained battery use at extreme outdoor temperatures or under heavy loads.

Power isn’t just important under the hood. The optional Pro Power Onboard expands the capabilities of the F-150 by bringing exportable levels of power to workplaces, campsites and everyday life. The Pro Power Onboard is available with 2.0 kilowatts of power on optional gasoline engines, while the F-150 equipped with PowerBoost comes standard with 2.4 kilowatts of power or 7.2 kilowatts of power in option. Power is available through the power outlets in the cabin and up to four 120-volt 20-amp outlets mounted on the charging bed, with a 240-volt 30-amp outlet on the 7.2-kilowatt version. The system even provides moving energy to charge tool batteries between jobs.

The most connected F-150 ever
The F-150 represents Ford’s next big step in bringing connected vehicles to customers. The all-new F-150 is the first full-size pickup in North America with standard live updates, helping customers’ trucks stay on top of useful technology. These updates are bumper to bumper and may include completely new features and functionality throughout the life of the truck. They can take care of preventive maintenance, reduce repair trips, improve performance and, ultimately, increase vehicle availability. The majority of the updates will be carried out in less than two minutes and can be carried out at the time chosen by the customers, so that they do not have to suspend their life.

The all-new SYNC 4 is standard, helping keep owners connected and making their days more productive with more natural voice control available as well as real-time mapping and customizable information on demand. The technology builds on more than 10 years of SYNC innovation by helping to minimize distractions with hands-free voice control as well as essential features such as phone calls and music selection. With twice the computing power of the previous generation system, the new SYNC 4 can wirelessly connect smartphones without the USB cable for seamless integration of Apple CarPlay ™ or Android Auto ™ compatibility as well as SYNC AppLink® applications such as Waze and Ford + Alexa.

Customers can access over 10,000 hours of on-demand content, live channels, ad-free music, sports, entertainment, news and personalized recommendations, and they can search for related content with SiriusXM available via satellite 360L and streaming service. The new B&O eight-speaker audio system from Bang & Olufsen is available from the F-150 XLT, while the optional B&O Unleashed 18-speaker system with speakers in the headliner and supports Front head is available on the F-150 Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum and standard on Limited.

Ford offers complementary technology, including 911 Assist®, which automatically alerts emergency responders in the event of an accident, and FordPass, a mobile device application that allows Ford drivers to remotely start and unlock their vehicles, as well than controlling new truck-centric features like area lighting, trailer theft alert, trailer light check and Pro Power Onboard.

Driver assistance technologies
The all-new F-150 offers the latest driver assistance features as part of the Ford Co-Pilot360 ™ 2.0. More features are now standard on XL, including pre-collision assistance with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection to help avoid a possible collision with another vehicle or pedestrian, a reversing camera with assistance dynamic coupling, automatic high beams and automatic on / off. headlamps.

The F-150 also adds 10 new driver assistance features and is the only pickup to offer active driving assistance, which allows hands-free driving on more than 100,000 miles of freeways divided into 50 states and Canada. Its advanced driver-oriented camera tracks the head position and the driver’s gaze to allow hands-free driving when available. It allows owners of certain sections of pre-mapped and divided motorways to drive with their hands off the wheel – if they continue to pay attention to the road ahead – by giving them an extra level of comfort on long journeys. The Active Drive Assist preparation kit contains the hardware required for this functionality, while the software enabling the functionality, expected in the third quarter of calendar year 2021, will be delivered by a live update or a visit to the dealer. A separate payment will be required to activate all features at this time.

Other new features available include Intersection Assist, which detects oncoming traffic while the driver is trying to turn left. If there is a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle, the F-150 will apply the brakes to reduce or avoid it. The F-150 is the only lightweight full-size pickup with optional Active Park Assist 2.0, which handles all steering, shift, brake and accelerator controls during parallel or perpendicular parking maneuvers while the driver presses a button.

Each F-150 is proudly assembled at the Dearborn Truck Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan, and the Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Missouri. The all-new F-150 will be available this fall.

Range Calculated range of projected EPA. Actual range will vary. Final estimates estimated by the EPA will be available later in the 2020 calendar year.

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