2021 Ford F-150 MSRP And Invoice Price For Models, Options Revealed

In an ordinary year, a brand new F-150 pickup would be dominant news for Ford. This is obviously no ordinary year and we are not just talking about the coronavirus. The new Bronco is making waves like crazy, but amid all the rock exploration news and Jeep Wrangler comparisons, this pricing information for the F-150 appeared on the F150gen14 forums today. com.

Don’t we already know the prices of the F-150? Not officially, and not completely for all models. We know the truck will start with an MSRP of just over $ 30,000, and optionally go over $ 80,000. Somewhere in the middle of that lineup is likely where Ford will sell the bulk of its F-150s, and five pages of leaked dealer ordering guides now tell us how much the various trim levels, options, and packages will cost.

Details can be found on the forum, but in case the leaked documents disappear, here’s a basic breakdown of the F-150’s trim levels in a 6.5-foot short box configuration, with MSRP and prices charged. . Prices below do not include destination and delivery charge of $ 1,695.

Regular cabin

ModelDriveInvoice (with deduction)MSRP
XL4×2$ 27,638$ 28,940
XL4×4$ 32,074$ 33,585
XLT4×2$ 32,772$ 35,050
XLT4×4$ 35,975$ 38,475


XL4×2$ 31,539$ 33,025
XL4×4$ 34,815$ 36,455
XLT4×2$ 35,492$ 37,960
XLT4×4$ 38,696$ 41,385
Lasso4×2$ 42,258$ 45,195
Lasso4×4$ 45,459$ 48,620


XL4×2$ 36,247$ 37,995
XL4×4$ 40,717$ 42,635
XLT4×2$ 38,910$ 41,615
XLT4×4$ 43,281$ 46,290
Lasso4×2$ 44,702$ 47,810
Lasso4×4$ 49,037$ 52,445
King Ranch4×2$ 52,949$ 56,630
King Ranch4×4$ 56,152$ 60,055
Platinum4×2$ 55,548$ 59,410
Platinum4×4$ 58,752$ 62,835
Limit*4×2$ 66,155$ 70,825
Limit*4×4$ 69,305$ 74,250

* Limited version only available with 145 inch wheelbase with 5.5 foot bed.

Beyond that, expensive options include the 3.0-liter diesel which costs $ 4,995 on some models. The 302A (High) Equipment Group priced at $ 5,730 includes a wide range of tech and appearance items, while the 502A (High) Equipment Group costs $ 6,920 and offers even more technology as well as the hybrid system.

The pricing does not offer a description of the packages, but an ordering guide already disclosed does offer all the information. Consider yourself warned, as the ordering guide is literally 40 pages long. If you’re the type who lacks patience, you might want to wait until the official F-150 configurator goes live.

This is expected to happen soon, as 2021 F-150 sales are expected to begin in fall 2020.

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