2021 Ford F-150

2021 Ford F-150 Configurator Is Up, Most Expensive Truck Is $82,165

Ford is certainly making waves in the truck and SUV segments this year. The new 2021 F-150 debuted in June, and since then we’ve had plenty of leaks regarding pricing and options. Now Ford has its official 2021 F-150 online configurator up and running, although it may be subject to change.

We say this because it’s listed as an “Early Build & Price” setup, and the features actually changed a lot of times while we were having fun building trucks. However, the configurator lists all trim levels of the F-150 with various bed and cabin options, all the way up to the F-150 Limited with its sizable starting price of $ 70,825.

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Ford only offers the Limited as a crew cab truck with the shortest 5.5-foot bed option, and as you might expect, it comes standard with just about every item you can get. Go for the PowerBoost hybrid powertrain with four-wheel drive and the few remaining optional accessories and you’ll pay $ 82,165.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Ford F-150 XL and its starting price of $ 28,940. This figure is for a regular cab pickup with the 6.5-foot bed, as the five-foot is not offered. The 3.3-liter V6 is standard, and the truck is available with eight free exterior colors – which is becoming increasingly rare among new cars. Inside, the 100A Series Equipment Package still offers cloth seats with basic power options, a stereo, and Ford’s smaller infotainment screen. Once upon a time, this would be luxury trucking at its best.

The good thing about the XL is that there’s plenty of room for upgrades if you don’t want to go crazy over the price. The addition of four-wheel drive and a modest equipment package brings the base F-150 to $ 33,585 – with destination included, the net price is $ 35,280 and it’s still available for many. people.

As mentioned, this is an early version of the Ford 2021 Configurator, so prices and options may vary as information is compiled. Look for the truck to reach the dealerships in the fall.

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