2021 Ford F-150 By the Numbers

2021 Ford F-150 By the Numbers

Trivia Numerologists: We have the numbers, the facts, and the numbers that will guarantee your team a big win if a Ford F-150 2021 tour comes up during your next Zoom Trivia session.

1,000 / 18,000 / 600-These are market research statistics Ford accelerated while planning improvements to the 2021 F-150: 1,000 hours spent with customers taking 18,000 photos and 600 hours of video of them working with their trucks. This helped the Ford team decide what to keep, what to refine and where to innovate.

33.3—the percentage of clients who regularly use a laptop in the cabin of their F-150. Some have even designed their own elaborate laptop stands, but Ford is simplifying their lives this year with the fold-down shift lever on the console that allows the center armrest to tilt and form a perfectly flat surface on which to place a computer. portable, serve lunch, sign checks, whatever. Note that the bench models offer a sliding extension to the folded backrest which emulates the same characteristic.


92—The percentage of new references in the 2021 F-150. We have to assume that the deferred engines and transmissions count as one part number each, and some parts – like the windshield and roof – get new numbers because, even if they have the same shape, they are changed to accept new driver assistance features and antenna mounts. But most of what you see and touch is newer than it seems at first glance.

1.5 to 35—here are the energy and power Specifications of the Power Boost hybrid battery pack the size of a briefcase: 1.5 kWh of energy that can be distributed at a maximum rate of 35 kW (corresponding to the peak power of the electric motor mounted between the motor and the transmission ).

2.0 / 2.4 / 7.2 out of 75—These are the three available kilowatt outputs the F-150’s Pro Power on-board generator, providing 110 volts in bed power at 15 or 20 amps, or 220 volts up to 30 amps. Petrol models can only get the 2.0 kW version; The Power Boost Hybrids F-150 benefit from a production of 2.4 kW as standard, while 7.2 kW as an option. Pro Power will be available on 75% of the F-150s (all except the 3.3-liter and diesel). Note, the 110-volt outlet in the cabin retains its 400-watt inverter on all. In all models, it automatically turns the engine on and off if necessary to provide the power consumed.

6—The total number of finishing grades drop of one unit, because the Raptor will not be available from the start on the F-150 2021 but will return later. The ride starts with XL (on which an STX appearance package will be offered with 18-inch aluminum wheels). The XLT is next, with chrome and sporty appearance offerings with bumpers, mirror caps and accents in chrome or body color. Lariat is also offered with a chrome or sporty appearance, but adds leather and more goodies. From there, offers go through King Ranch, Platinum and Limited. An FX4 all terrain package is available across the range.

11 of 5—The 2021 F-150 will be available with 11 different grille designs, created from 5 different molds; we get 4 different finishes, we get 3, we get 2 and two are unique.

13 of 12—For 2021, 13 wheel offers will be produced from 12 models. The most basic 17 inch wheel is steel; two 18 inch alloy options share the same mold with different finishes, the rest is unique, increasing in size to a maximum of 22 inches.


3 C—Three different lighthouse offers use halogen technology, LED reflector and LED projector. This latest version on high-end models animates the beams to follow the direction. A C-clip appearance created by the accent LED outline of the main lamp and fog light below allows all F-150s to be identified from a distance.

10/10/80—Percentage planned powertrain sales mix: 10 percent Hybrid Power Boost, 10 percent 3.3-liter V-6 base, 80 percent EcoBoost, Power Stroke diesel and 5.0 V-8 (note that for 2020, EcoBoost accounted for 60 percent of the mixed)

8-18—the number of speakers in the F-150 ranges from the 8 base truck speakers to an upgraded B&O Play that also includes 8 speakers. True audiophiles will opt for an 18-speaker B&O Play system that incorporates speakers in the front headrests and headlining.

58-70 or 78-90 / 40-45 / 3Aerodynamic improvements include an active air barrier that deploys to reduce airflow inducing drag under the truck. Its shape protrudes lower in the corners than in the middle, falling 58 mm in the center and 70 mm in the corners of the rear-wheel drive models; 78 mm in the center and 90 mm in the corners of the 4×4. The dam is deployed between 40 and 45 mph. Combined with the grille flaps and the revised shapes of the C-pillars and the top of the tailgate spoiler, they improve aerodynamics by 3%.

810 to 840—Main model outside tire diameters go from 810 to 840 mm (32 to 33 inches) to reduce the appearance of “air on the tire” in the wheel arches. But the engineers “re-grid” the suspension (adjusted settings) to maintain the ground clearance and the transfer height. Note that the basic 17 and 18 inch wheel attachments extend with a smaller outside diameter.

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