2021 Ford Bronco Spy Shots Reveal Off-Roader’s Interior

We are literally a few days away from seeing the Ford Bronco finally reborn. That didn’t stop the spy teams from trying to catch a glimpse of the Wrangler hunter, and today that persistence has paid off. We have seen a lot of spy photos and photo leaks from the outside, but now we have a close look and inside of the Bronco.

The camera captured much of the exposed dashboard, revealing a rather clean appearance. There are some similarities with the new F-150, especially with the lower stack of buttons and dials for basic stereo and air conditioning operation. You also won’t find a push button or dial selector for the transmission, as a shift lever rod rises prominently from the console.

Just behind the rod is the manual selector for the four-wheel drive system. It seems that Ford is very keen to offer the driver an old-fashioned experience, which is not a bad thing in this genre.

Of course, there is a large touch screen built into the dashboard where we think many of the more complex functions of the Bronco will be located. will be located.

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