2021 Ford Bronco Spied Testing Strange Roof Option, What Is It?

The development phase doesn’t end when a vehicle receives its world premiere, especially if that vehicle is as customizable as the new Bronco. For example, a rather intriguing prototype of the four-door model was spotted by Karen Morrison in a parking lot wearing camouflage on its roof, extending to the rear. Wearing maker’s plates, the fat Bronco looked quite odd, but that’s only because he was hiding a secret related to the roof.

It’s a known fact that the full-size Bronco was developed to provide an outdoor experience by allowing the owner to get rid of the roof in an incredibly quick and easy process. The four-door model comes with four removable roof sections (left and right panels, rear section, and center panel) – all of which can be removed by one person.

The modular hardtop comes with rear quarter windows – which remain hidden on this prototype – which can be removed “in a fraction of the time it takes competitors,” says Ford. The Blue Oval is happy to announce that you won’t have to dismantle the roof to get rid of the rear quarter glass. As standard, the four-door Bronco comes with a fabric soft top, and you can have both.

Ok, but this prototype must be hiding something Ford hasn’t revealed until now. While your guess is as good as ours as to what it could be, our friends at Muscle cars and trucks Point out that the Bronco might have had an electric retractable soft top similar to what Jeep offers with the Sky One-Touch Power. If it looks like the Wrangler, Bronco owners should only be able to open the soft top partially, to any desired position.

It will be interesting to see if Ford has found a way to differentiate its electric roof opener mechanism from the aforementioned Sky One-Touch Power. That’s if we’re actually looking for a power retractable top, as it might have something to do with any of the over 200 factory-guaranteed accessories that the Bronco will be compatible with at launch.

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