2021 Ford Bronco Rear Camera Hides In A Perfect Spot

Designing a car is not easy. We’re not just talking about exterior proportions here – there has never been so much technology built into vehicles as there is today. Sensors, cameras, and radar systems are all a part of life and it can be difficult to pack everything in a way that is both functional and aesthetic.

For something like the new Ford Bronco, this is an even greater challenge, as the majority of its body panels remove easily. Storing items like cameras can be tricky, but Ford designers took a page from Jeep by placing its rear-view camera in the hub mount for the rear-mounted spare tire. This is a smart solution, as the positioning provides a clear view of what is behind the Bronco without interfering with the removable top. It should also be well protected as opposed to a mounting position under the bumper.

Of course, that means Bronco owners will have to run without a full spare tire cover on the rear wheel. The camera could also be obscured by an aftermarket bike rack that uses the receiving hitch as a mounting point. We know Ford has a plethora of accessories in the works for its off-roader, but bikes could be particularly problematic for the camera, as rear racks appear to be the only viable solution.

In the end, that’s a very small problem in Bronco’s big project. This reborn off-roader didn’t spark a little excitement, not only for Ford fans, but also for a wider range of off-road enthusiasts. With its tight proportions – even in a four-door trim – and a wide array of drive modes to conquer the terrain, it is certainly poised to become a strong rival for the Jeep Wrangler. In fact, the arrival of the Bronco may well be the reason Jeep developed its Wrangler 392 V8 concept, a vehicle that at this point seems likely to go into production despite Jeep saying that a V8 engine could not. not work in the Wrangler.

Either way, you slice it up, the future of off-roading looks really good right now.

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