2021 Ford Bronco Owns The Hell Out Of Hell’s Revenge Rock Crawling Trail

The Ford Bronco pulled away from the Rubicon Trail and began off-road testing on the rocky course in Moab, Utah. This video offers a fantastic look at what the future SUV can do.

The Bronco seems to facilitate the work of this rocky terrain. The views in this clip show the four-wheel drive system at work. The most impressive performance comes at the end where the SUV climbs through a very narrow V-shaped canyon. Only the outer edges of the tires sometimes make contact with the ground, but the rigging continues.

There’s no good chance of seeing if this off-roader causes damage to the Bronco, such as from the Rubicon Trail (gallery above). There are some visible scuffs on the wheels and fender flares, but the body seems to handle abuse well.

As well as getting a good overview of the Bronco’s off-road capability, the video is a great opportunity to see the Bronco’s various roof and body configurations. For example, there is a soft top but with all the glass out of the way except the windshield. A hardtop version with the doors open looks quite sturdy.

Putting the Bronco to the test at Rubicon and Moab allows Ford to put the finishing touches on the SUV before deliveries begin in spring 2021. However, we expect there to be at least a small marketing motive behind it. this effort. Potential buyers watch these videos, and seeing the capabilities of the vehicle might be enough to push someone over the fence to make a reservation.

Signs so far suggest the Bronco is going to be a hit. The company has more than 230,000 reservations for the SUV. Assuming all of these people actually place an order, Ford could take 18 months to meet demand.

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