2021 Ford Bronco Is Backdrop For Beautiful Marriage Proposal

We all have this car that drives us crazy when we spot it in public. It could be an ultra-rare hypercar or a mid-80s Honda, or both. For many, including Taylor McQueen, it’s the Ford Bronco. The Dearborn-based automaker has resurrected the iconic name for a new model worthy of carrying on the legacy of its predecessor. For McQueen, it will also serve as a reminder for an unforgettable day.

McQueen’s boyfriend Daniel Kubistec called his uncle, a 30-year Ford veteran and electric vehicle strategist at the automaker, who helped make the special event happen. McQueen and Kubistec, from Colorado, were in Michigan to visit family, according to Fox 2 Detroit, and Kubistec thought it would be great to show off McQueen Ford’s new off-road SUV and offer it to him at the same time. However, he feared that she would be too distracted by the Bronco.

The momentous moment was filmed, which you can watch above. McQueen says she felt an adrenaline rush once she realized what was going on and stopped for a moment as she figured out what was going on. She saw him drop to one knee, and that’s when he clicked, which you can see happening. Construction workers working at Ford Central Station in Michigan applauded after she said yes.

McQueen is already among the 165,000 people who have deposited the $ 100 deposit for the 2021 Bronco. However, it won’t start arriving until next spring, and there could be a long delay before customers receive their SUVs. . The Bronco came back to life last month with a boxy, capable off-road SUV that’s eager to compete with the Jeep Wrangler and other off-roaders. Wedding plans aren’t set yet, but we’re hoping the Bronco could make another appearance at the ceremony. It would be a nasty limo for the newlyweds.

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