2021 Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport Won’t Be Offered Outside North America

The Ford Bronco is a popular commodity right now, and it’s not even available for sale yet. The earliest anyone can drive a Bronco will be late 2020, and that’s for the smaller Bronco Sport. The most enthusiastic model is Jeep Wrangler’s biggest competitor, and it won’t hit dealerships until spring 2021. However, it will only hit dealerships in North America according to the German edition. of Automotive News.

The website reports that a spokesperson for Ford Germany said the Bronco was developed specifically for the North American market. As such, there are no plans to build right-hand drive variants for other markets, nor to export it as is. Motor1.com has contacted Ford representatives in the United States to confirm this information, and we will record this response as soon as we receive it. For now, all we can say is sorry, world. No Bronco for you.

Is this really the case? Ford’s position seems final, but report says Bronco won’t go to Europe for the time being. This suggests that there is leeway in the decision-making process, and we can understand why. Ford is directly targeting the Jeep Wrangler with the new Bronco and the Jeep Compass with the Bronco Sport. Both competitors are sold overseas, and while the vast majority of sales are in North America, we believe Ford will follow the Bronco’s success. very closely. If there is significant demand for the off-road duo across the pond, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Ford change course.

Then again, Ford also keeps a pretty tight leash on the Bronco in North America. Variants of the first edition of the two Broncos will be exclusive to the United States, despite strong demand that saw the 3,500 vehicles claimed just hours after the Bronco debuted on July 13. Ford even increased production to 7,000, but everything will remain firmly on American shores.

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