2021 Ford Bronco Climbing Rubicon Lead Photo

2021 Ford Bronco Attempts Real Rock Crawling On Rubicon Trail

Unconditional off-roading – this is the very concept the Ford Bronco was born for and which has not changed for its latest sixth-generation model. We’re glad the Blue Oval keeps faith in this, unlike its Golden Bow Tie counterpart which is now a crossover, but I digress.

Even before the launch of the latest Bronco, Ford has already teased it with off-road prototype testing. Now that the homecoming icon has hit the real world, it’s high time we saw some hardcore off-road bucking horse action.

Bronco6g.com user Volkswaben gave us a glimpse of a test event involving two and four-door Bronco models. Or? The Rubicon Trail in California. For the uninitiated, the 22 mile stretch of semi-road, part 4×4 trail in the Sierra Nevada has been a proven off-road test bed. In fact, a trim level of Bronco’s Jeep rival, the Wrangler (and Gladiator), has been named after this trail.

Photos of Volkswaben documented the event, and there were also videos. So how did the four-door Bronco perform? Let’s just say he needs a better pilot.

As seen from the uploaded videos, it was clear the Bronco was not taking the right line as it approached a point on the difficult trail. The tires also appear to be well inflated above the optimum pressure for this climb, which should affect traction in this type of situation. The rocks also look too smooth, but that shouldn’t be an excuse, we feel.

In any case, you would be the judge. You can watch the pictures of the climbing here and here. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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