2021 Ford Bronco Ad Has A Poetic Director’s Cut Version

Did you hear? A new Ford Bronco will arrive at dealerships next spring. Oh, did you hear? We bet you haven’t heard of this particular ad. According to a Bronco6G forum member named jasminekd, this is a special cut from the director of the original video spot Ford used during the Bronco launch. And it’s even imbued with poetry. Wait, what?

Instead of abstract nature storytelling and wild, cliché keywords like adventure and future, this video includes much of the same footage from Robert Frost’s famous poem The road not taken. Even if you are not a literary enthusiast, you’ve probably heard at least parts of this poem which is essentially an allegory of life. Specifically, you are probably familiar with the last lines that read:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –

I took the one who traveled the least,

And that made all the difference.

For those who slept during high school or college literature class, the poem is about standing at a crossroads in a road. Divergent paths are observed and considered, and the narrator takes the path that seems less traveled. It’s simple reading, but like most good poetry, the interpretations go much further. Some say it’s about finding your own way in life, while others say it’s about regretting choices, hence the title The road not taken instead of The road less traveled.

Apparently, Frost actually wrote the poem as a joke about a friend who was never happy with the walks he would take. In this interpretation, it is a very literal play where the narrator is not Frost, but his friend struggles to choose the wrong path. Hey, this is poetry, and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, your author was wide awake during those literature classes. But that’s a discussion for another era.

Regardless of the interpretations, talking about taking roads less traveled is certainly an interesting game for the Bronco. This director’s cut – which is said to be an actual clip directed by Ford’s official publicity manager – is very nifty, but ultimately we suspect the crux of the message might have been lost in translation. And when it comes to marketing a new vehicle, deliver a clear message really makes all the difference.

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