2021 Cupra Ateca facelift

2021 Cupra Ateca Breaks Cover With Discreet Facelift, Chassis Tweaks

The new CUPRA Ateca 2020 aims to deliver the ultimate dynamic performance and maintain the spirit of the brand, but brings additional levels of desirability to help it meet the demands of an ever more demanding market.

The CUPRA Ateca was the first vehicle launched under the high performance autonomous brand and offered a unique proposition on the market, bringing the highest performance of all SUVs apart from high-end manufacturers. The mixture of precision, sportiness, functionality and attractive design made it an incredible set. And now these features have been improved to make it an even bigger proposition.

“CUPRA Ateca marked the brand’s entry into a new segment, becoming a great success along the way, selling more than 10,000 units in 2019 and allowing CUPRA to develop its position in the Ateca family – representing 15% mix “, said CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths. “The high performance SUV was the main driver of CUPRA’s 72% annual growth, powered by mature markets like Germany, France and Switzerland, as well as pushing the model further in Mexico at the end of Last year.”

The new CUPRA Ateca is designed and developed in Barcelona, ​​at the brand’s facilities and will be produced in Kvasiny (Czech Republic).

The new CUPRA Ateca 2020 is developed to deliver the highest performance in the compact SUV segment outside of premium manufacturers, building on the foundations laid when the vehicle first entered the market.

With a multitude of new additions and improvements, its appeal is destined to grow, offering customers the possibility of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that offers the practicality of an SUV with the maneuverability and maneuverability of a traditional high-performance car. ; the perfect adaptation to their lifestyle, without compromise.

The CUPRA Ateca comes with the highest levels of standard equipment, including bucket seats, 19-inch CUPRA alloy wheels, DCC suspension and progressive steering.

And with a varied list of options, from the new range of alloy wheels, colors, interior options, the new CUPRA steering wheel with the engine start and the CUPRA mode selection button, and the Akrapovič exhaust system, it There are many ways that customers can specify the CUPRA Ateca to best suit their style.

But the new CUPRA Ateca does not forget its roots and the performance and dynamics required of any vehicle bearing the copper badge. The 2.0-liter TSI 300 PS engine paired with the seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission provides enough stamina and energy for any enthusiast, but is also capable of providing a more refined and elegant ride when needed.

Its dual personality is facilitated by the 4Drive all-wheel drive system and the DCC dynamic chassis system, allowing customers to tailor the handling of the vehicle to their needs.

But the world today is not limited to providing performance on the road, there are other aspects to respect. The new CUPRA Ateca 2020 sets new safety standards, incorporating some of the most advanced driver assistance systems to keep occupants away from accidents, whether on the highway, in the city or simply by walking away from a parking space.

And as the world becomes more and more digital, the CUPRA Ateca offers a level of connectivity that will help customers stay in the loop, no matter where their journey takes them, with access to both your smart device in the cabin vehicle-specific and online services. It is the intersection between road and connectivity.

The new CUPRA Ateca is taking over by shaking up the industry, adding a new level to the definition of the compact high-performance SUV, a vehicle for enthusiasts and everyday life, with CUPRA values ​​at the heart.

Every CUPRA will be judged on the engine that powers it, and the refreshed Ateca maintains its performance levels with the incredibly powerful 2.0-liter TSI engine. The four-cylinder turbocharged unit produces 221 kW (300 hp) of power and 400 Nm of torque, enough to push the high-performance SUV at a top speed of 247 km / h.

Connected to a DSG dual-clutch, seven-speed quick-change gearbox, the new CUPRA Ateca is no slouch either in the standing sprint and can reach 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds.

The performance provided by the engine is matched by the incredible acoustics of the Akrapovič exhaust system, which provides an emotional and engaging soundtrack to training.

“With the CUPRA Ateca, we have made a clear statement in the high-performance SUV segment and with the new version, we are emphasizing and strengthening this position”, said Axel Andorff, executive vice president for research and development at SEAT.

The 4Drive all-wheel drive system is the latest generation of the electro-hydraulic multi-disc drive system and allows the vehicle to deliver power to the wheels in a controlled manner. The system continuously monitors and analyzes conditions helping to maximize traction and performance, making the above acceleration time possible.

The system is integrated with the rear axle and is located at the end of the drive shaft in front of the rear differential, improving weight distribution and reducing inertia and reaction time, which means that the new CUPRA Ateca can react to scenarios with even more confidence.

Perhaps the most important element in the handling of the CUPRA Ateca is the relationship between the powertrain and the chassis, which gives it the distinctive dynamic performance expected by customers. And the chassis and steering of the high-performance SUV are tuned to provide the most precise, involved and distinctive ride possible.

Progressive steering and responsive throttle give the vehicle maximum agility connecting the driver to the vehicle with optimized feedback via the steering wheel. The CUPRA Ateca reacts to changes in driving style and the road with its adaptive chassis control system (DCC) which changes the configuration in a few milliseconds to improve driver engagement, allowing them to get the most out of it driving conditions, whatever they are.

Six different driver profiles allow you to adapt the SUV to the specific nature of the journey or the person behind the wheel. Choose from Normal, Sport, CUPRA, Individual, Snow or all-terrain to change the character of the vehicle, from daily driving to performance, giving the updated CUPRA Ateca a range of capabilities that few other SUVs can offer.

The dimensions of the CUPRA Ateca also play their role in the capacity of the vehicle, providing the basis for assured driving. The high-performance SUV measures 4,386 mm (+ 10 mm compared to the previous generation, due to the new design of the bumpers) long – with a wheelbase of 2,630 mm, measures 1,599 mm high (-2 mm) and 1,841 mm wide. The front and rear tracks measure 1,575 mm and 1,549 mm respectively.

While the chassis offers tremendous assurance, the inclusion of Brembo brakes means that the dynamics are as intuitive when entering a corner as when exiting, and stopping performance is as good as acceleration.

The CUPRA has always offered a striking exterior look, which instantly marks it as a high-performance vehicle and the new SUV updates the language of design to amplify its bold look.

The front features a new bumper design as well as new FULL LED headlights. The upper honeycomb grille has the CUPRA logo in its center with a dark chrome finish on the frame. The lower grille has a dark aluminum diffuser, while the front grille with fog lights on each side, matches the finish to help define the face of the high-performance SUV.

“The subtle design elements of the CUPRA Ateca combine to create the vehicle’s exclusive personality and increase its impact as the ultimate high-performance SUV in its segment.” said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, director of design at SEAT. “Its sporty yet elegant lines blend with technologies such as the Akrapovič exhaust system to solidify it like a real sporty SUV.”

The side moldings are finished in glossy black aluminum, as are the roof racks, a look that includes the exterior mirrors also in glossy black aluminum, which house the welcome lights that shine the CUPRA logo on the floor. The side profile is further enhanced by the standard 19-inch machined alloy wheels, but new options allow customers to customize the style of their vehicle.

A machined aerodynamic alloy wheel that includes copper or silver inserts brings a new look, while a newly designed machined Sport Black and Copper option is also available. In total, six different models of alloy wheels are available in 19 inches and house either the standard black CUPRA brake calipers or the optional 18-inch Brembo performance brakes in copper.

At the rear of the new CUPRA Ateca, LEDs fully equipped with dynamic indicators provide a clear view to other drivers of where you plan to drive and enhance the elegance of the rear design. Quad exhausts add a defining aspect to the rear design, strengthening the position of the CUPRA Ateca as a high-performance vehicle.

With any vehicle, the ultimate part of adapting it to your personality is choosing the exterior color, and the new CUPRA Ateca has a range of options that should meet the needs of customers.

The CUPRA Ateca can be finished in 6 exterior paints, each color adding to the dynamic aspect of the vehicle, adding a new dimension to the exterior design and high performance look.

AWhen you reach the door, the CUPRA welcome light projects onto the floor to set the tone for what to expect, enhanced by the step illuminated with CUPRA lettering.

Once inside, among the first things customers will notice is the increased design quality and the way the interior communicates the character of the car, incorporating a sophisticated and sporty design that includes a feeling of comfort.

As the driver huddles in the now standard bucket seat, takes the new CUPRA steering wheel, which houses the engine start and CUPRA mode selection button, puts his feet on the aluminum pedals and sees the digital cockpit, he becomes instantly clear that the The new CUPRA Ateca is even more focused on the art of driving, and it’s not the typical SUV.

The CUPRA steering wheel, a nod to the TCR Racing line, will allow drivers to feel more connected to the vehicle, with its tactile and solid feel. The larger shift paddles make shifting simpler and more natural, and the multi-function buttons add to the high-tech feel.

The CUPRA button gives access to the different driving modes: a short press cycles through the Normal, Sport, CUPRA and individual modes, while a long press takes you directly to the CUPRA mode.

Throughout the interior, the details in copper and dark aluminum bring a subtle feeling of performance; highlights include the air outlets, radio and Climazone, all boasting shiny dark aluminum frames and four illuminated USB Type-C ports – two at the front and two at the rear.

The interior ambience is further defined by the seating option that customers can choose from. Two ambient are available; the first is standard, which includes Dinamica bucket seats with PVC side supports, dashboard and center console molding in dark aluminum, PVC door panels with IMD (In Mold Decoration) technology and with seams in copper.

There is also an authentic CUPRA option that includes petrol blue leather bucket seats, leather door panels, which can be electrically adjusted, with memory functions for the driver’s seat.

The world is changing, we are more connected, we are counting on a more digital experience than ever and to take this digital world with us in our vehicles, which is why the new version of the compact high-performance SUV takes connectivity to another level.

At its center is the digital cockpit, which combines a 10.25-inch high-definition instrument cluster and an infotainment system. The new 9.2-inch infotainment system provides navigation and natural voice control to simplify user interaction. And for simplicity, the new CUPRA Ateca also includes illuminated Type-C USB connectors for easy plug-in, connection and charging.

Speech recognition is perhaps one of the simplest and most natural ways of interacting with devices, especially since we have become so used to home assistants in the world of consumer electronics.

Speech recognition allows a natural understanding of the language to allow the user to interact with the infotainment system using natural commands, making corrections and referencing previous commands. So whether you need to find browsing information or search for music, it’s faster and easier, and the system uses a simple “Hola Hola” wake-up phrase to start.

And with the Full Link system, customers will also be able to access their digital lives wirelessly, regardless of the device they use; Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (using a wireless connection based on Bluetooth or WLAN).

The Full Link system is the gateway to connectivity, allowing users to connect their mobile devices to the vehicle’s infotainment system and bring their digital ecosystem into the passenger compartment. So whether you want to bring your contact list in the vehicle, the music that is part of your trip or the mapping systems, they are all available, accessible in a controlled, intuitive and safe way that will not distract drivers from the road , using either the infotainment system or the integrated steering wheel controls.

The online connectivity unit with integrated SIM card means you will never lose your connection to the digital world, and in future developments the system will allow users to access the latest infotainment apps that can be updated at any time. This means that the number of on-board and online services will increase throughout the life of the vehicle as the digital ecosystem develops.

The integrated eSIM also means that the eCall service is available, which directly contacts the emergency services in the event of an incident, thus adding another level of security to the vehicle. It is not only the possibility of making an emergency call (manual or automatic) but also that important vehicle data will be sent directly to emergency services such as the position of the car, the type of engine, the vehicle color or number of passengers, making it easier for them to assist.

In addition, online connectivity via the integrated eSIM allows certain infotainment functions to use information in the cloud in real time, adding an additional dimension to the traditional navigation system. For example, information on online traffic, the position of the parking lot and the petrol station as well as opening hours and current prices.

The Connect app opens up a new world of possibilities. The app can be downloaded to your smart device, offering remote control over a plethora of functions that will help maximize driver enjoyment and also improve safety.

Users can remotely access their vehicle data: driving information, parking position, vehicle status, including doors and lights, configure speed alerts so you can be notified if someone is using your vehicle too quickly, zone and anti-theft alerts, open and close the doors with the remote locking and unlocking service, or activate the horn remotely and turn on the signals to find the car more easily.

The new CUPRA Ateca 2020 may be a high-performance icon in the compact SUV segment, but it’s also arguably one of the safest vehicles in its segment, offering a range of new, advanced assistance systems to driving (ADAS) that few competitors offer. It has been developed to see more of its environment, capable of reacting to obstacles on the road and, thanks to these technologies, it can detect its environment, offering optimized protection whatever the scenario.

Systems like Pre-Collision Assistance, Adaptive Predictive Cruise Control (ACC), Travel Assistance, Emergency Assistance, and Side and Exit Assistance work together to protect the vehicle and its occupants .

Pre-collision assistance is a system designed to prepare the vehicle and the occupants in the event of a worst-case and potential collision. Embedded systems work together; the front seat belts are tensioned, the windows and sun roofs are closed and the warning lights are activated to mitigate the consequences of an accident.

The adaptive predictive cruise control (ACC) can position the compact high-performance SUV using GPS data provided by the navigation system, which allows it to correct its speed according to the configuration of the road ahead – turns , roundabouts, intersections, speed limits and built-up areas. And by using front camera input and traffic sign recognition, it can adjust the vehicle speed when the limits change.

Semi-automatic driving functionality continues with the introduction of Travel Assist technology. With the push of a button on the steering wheel, the advanced system uses ACC and Lane Assist information to actively keep the vehicle in the center of the lane and adjust the speed according to traffic – providing assisted driving. speeds of up to 210 km / h.

To maintain safety and meet legal requirements, the driver must maintain constant surveillance of the system and its environment, keeping at least one hand on the steering wheel. If the vehicle detects that the driver has left steering for more than 15 seconds, it will receive audible and visual warnings, and a brake kick can be given. If the driver still does not respond, the emergency assistance system can completely shut down the Ateca.

Exit assistance is an additional dimension of the new CUPRA Ateca. When parking, the vehicle emits an audible and visual warning in the event of traffic – it may be other vehicles on the road, or cyclists or pedestrians on the sidewalk – and, if necessary, automatic braking .

The new CUPRA Ateca will also be equipped with lateral assistance which can detect vehicles up to 70 m away, with indications through an LED in the rear view mirror.

For people who like to tow, the new CUPRA Ateca also offers Trailer Assist technology. The systen supports the driver when reversing or parking with a trailer, the image from the rear view camera is used to help guide the vehicle and trailer to the exact position required.

It’s simple to use; the driver only has to select reverse, press the parking assistance button and use the mirror adjustment switch to set the direction in which you want the trailer to be steered, then simply take control of acceleration, braking and gear changes in manual vehicles, and the system does the rest.

But the new on-board systems of the CUPRA Ateca are not only a question of safety, technologies also contribute to making the compact high-performance SUV more practical, comfortable and more pleasant to drive. With selectable driver profiles – Normal, Sport, CUPRA, Individual and 4Drive-specific modes – Offroad and Snow – vehicle handling and handling can change depending on driver conditions and requirements, making the vehicle more comfortable.


2.0 TSI 300PS (221 kW)

Cylinder / valves

4 cylinders – 16v


1,984 cc

Reaming and stroke

82.5 x 92.8

Compression ratio

9.3: 1

Max. Couple


0 to 100 km / h

4.9 seconds

Maximum speed

247km / h

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