2020 Chevrolet Blazer RS: Pros And Cons

2021 Chevy Blazer Gets Towing Package For Front-Wheel-Drive Versions

In terms of towing capacity, the Chevy Blazer is a crossover to be taken seriously. With a towing capacity of up to 4,500 pounds (2,041 kilograms), it is no softer. In fact, the Blazer has the third highest tow rating, behind the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Honda Passport.

However, to maximize the towing prowess of the Blazer, it must have these three elements: the 3.6L LGX V6 engine, the all-wheel drive and the optional V92 tow group that provides a robust cooling system.

This means that you must have all-wheel drive to maximize the towing of your Blazer and settling for a FWD trim also means settling for a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs (680 kg).

This will change however in the next update of the mid-size crossover model year. According to GM authority, a special towing package will be available for the 2021 Chevy Blazer FWD units. Called the VR2 Trailering Package, Blazer buyers who don’t need all-wheel drive will have the opportunity to maximize the traction trick of their crossover.

Note that the V92 tow group is exclusively for the AWD variants, while the new VR2 will be for FWD – but they are essentially the same, only offered in 2LT, 3LT, RS and Premier versions. The two towing sets are also delivered with coupling guidance on 2LT and 3LT, while the RS and Premier versions benefit from an additional coupling view.

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It should be noted that the towing packages can only be offered on Blazers equipped with a 3.6 L LGX V6 engine developing 308 horsepower (230 kilowatts) and 270 lb-ft (366 Newton meters) of torque. The fuel efficiency of the 2020 Blazer RS ​​AWD equipped with this engine is 21 miles per gallon, combined.

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