2021 Chevrolet Corvette’s Best Option Getting A Big Price Increase

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in driving a supercar is not scratching your nose on gentle slopes. This goes for any low bed car, although mid-engined machines like the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette tend to stand out more than most. As such, the C8’s nose lift option is a valuable addition for buyers, and it looks like General Motors is keen to capitalize on it even more.

The C8’s front suspension option would cost an additional $ 500 in 2021, according to GM Authority. Currently, the option is a $ 1,495 add-on for the 2020 Corvettes, but it goes all the way up to $ 1,995 next year. The system uses hydraulics to raise the nose of the Vette two inches at speeds below 24 mph. There is no mention of changes to the system that could explain the 33% price increase.

At this time, it is also unclear whether the feature will be offered on the base 1LT Stingray for 2021. The front-lift suspension option is only available on 2LT and 3LT models, with the 2LT version starting at 67. $ 295 including destination charges. As is the cheapest The 2020 Corvette available with the front lift function is $ 68,790.

Unfortunately for buyers, there’s really no way to get a 2020 Corvette with the cheaper front lift option unless an order is already in place. Production was initially delayed due to the UAW strike of 2019, then the coronavirus saw the entire auto industry shut down for several weeks until spring 2020. Technically speaking, Corvette production did not stop. is never really shut down, but parts shortages once again brought the C8 assembly to a virtual standstill. 2020 production is extended until November of this year, when 2021 production will begin.

In June, we reported that Chevrolet Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter said the base price of the 2021 C8 would remain below the $ 60,000 threshold. If this latest news on the front lift price increase turns out to be accurate, it will be interesting to see what other costs click up when the 2021 Configurator goes live later this year.

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