2021 BMW M4 Spied Powersliding At The Nurburgring

With the new BMW 4 Series already unveiled, the hotter M4 doesn’t have many surprises up its sleeve. The new 4-series ushered in a new design for the model, as well as the controversial front end design, and countless spy photos show that the M4 will keep that style. Don’t expect BMW to throw the cards away now with its new grille design. Spy photos taken earlier this week showed that the M4 was wearing a tight camouflaged envelope, and now we have a video in action at the Nurburgring.

The video, from Mike Automobile’s YouTube channel, shows the two-door Bimmer fusing around the runway. However, while most of the Nurburgring spy videos show cars driving on a nice clip, this video shows the M4 pushed hard on the famous track. Through several turns, the driver is able to kick back, sliding on the course, which is not a problem for the high power model.

When the M4 arrives, it will do so with BMW’s twin-turbocharged B56 in-line six-cylinder engine, which will deliver 500 horsepower (373 kilowatts) in the high-end versions. All-wheel drive will be standard with a dual-clutch transmission. A six-speed manual transmission will be available; however, BMW won’t let you get it with the premium versions. Instead, manual gearbox enthusiasts will have to settle for only having 480 hp (358 kW) under their right feet.

Fortunately, we will not have to wait much longer for BMW to present the M21 2021. The automaker has already announced that it will unveil the new model in September. BMW will also launch the new M3 sedan, which will have a more conventional front design than the two-door M4. The M4 will feature the updated interior of the regular 4 Series, although we expect BMW to have a lot of M brands inside and out.

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