2021 BMW M3 Accurately Rendered As Spy Shots Together With M4 Emerge

There is certainly no shortage of content in the 2021 BMW M3. Whether our spies send us new images of prototypes under test or our media colleagues have new renderings to share, the fast sedan is constantly making headlines. Today we have a special treat because, aside from the realistic renderings of the new M3, a test vehicle was caught alongside the M4 coupe.

Seeing the two side-by-side with less camouflage than ever before gives us a pretty good grasp of what’s to come with the double premiere slated for September. The cars appeared to have most of the last few pieces in place, although their exhaust systems looked a bit rough around the edges. It’s too early to say if BMW is testing the rear-wheel drive version or the xDrive model, but we know it will prioritize the former once the cars go on sale.

BMW M3 2021 rear three-quarter rendering

We’re tempted to believe that these are the hottest competition trims judging by the design of the alloy rims. If that’s true, the cars have all-wheel drive and a dual-clutch automatic transmission that works in tune with an in-line six-cylinder producing just over 500 horsepower. The full camouflage outfit makes it impossible to see the paint jobs of these two ongoing jobs, but a teaser released by BMW showed the M3 in a teal-like launch color and the M4 in bright yellow.

Realistic rendering thanks to our friends at Kolesa Digitally remove the swirly camouflage and show what the four-door model will look like at a BMW dealership near you next year. It’s still a very unofficial look, but we’re tempted to believe the reality will be extremely close to it. Whether the opinion-sharing grid will slow down demand remains to be seen, but if not, the consensus is that the new Ms looks pretty good.

In 2021, the range will be extended with an M4 convertible, but probably not with an M4 Gran coupe as previously believed. The most powerful model in the 3 Series / 4 Series family will not have a combustion engine, as reports suggest the electric i4 Gran Coupe will be the beefiest of them all. Needless to say, it will also cost a lot more.

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