2021 Bentley Bentayga with Four Seat Comfort Specification

2021 Bentley Bentayga With Four Seats Is The ‘Limousine Of SUVs’

The four-seat version of the new Bentayga offers ultimate luxury aft cabin space for two occupants
Building on the success of first generation Bentayga with 20% – 4,000 cars – including specification of four-seater comfort
Up to 100 mm more rear leg space than the previous generation
The content of the rear seat functions provides luxury for all occupants
Additional storage and charging sockets located in the rear center console
Exquisite quilted back panel with handcrafted details
(Crewe, July 16, 2020) The new Bentayga has the widest range of capacity of any car on the road, and with the four-seat comfort specification, the Bentayga’s capabilities as an SUV limousine stand out . With the four-seater version of the car now available from launch with both a five-seater configuration and the option of a full seven-seater interior, the interior of the new Bentayga is configurable according to the requirements of any family.

Building on the success of the previous generation where one in five cars (4,000 vehicles) was specified with the four-seat configuration, the rear legroom has been improved to improve the driver driving experience thanks to a careful design and relocation of the panel separating the cabin from the starting area. The maximum tilt of the rear seats has been increased from 32 ° to 40 °, and the front and rear travel has been increased by 35 mm. This suit offers an improvement of 100mm of knee space in the reclined position, helping to make luxury travel even more comfortable.

All seats in the new Bentayga have been completely redesigned and now have a more sculpted shape, especially around the shoulder area, to offer an even higher level of comfort which further improves the industry benchmark for comfort seats.

The four-seat comfort specification also adds additional content to the rear seats, including seat ventilation (in addition to standard seat heating), a selection of six different massage programs, and a winged comfort headrest. With the four-seat comfort specification, the Mulliner Console bottle cooler can also be chosen, housing a fully integrated drink cooler for a 750 ml bottle and two handcrafted Cumbria crystal flutes.

Between the two rear seats, a rear center console provides additional storage and two other USB charging sockets. While a beautiful leather-trimmed rear panel containing a diamond-padded ski hatch separates the cabin from the boot space.

To access the additional functionality of the seats, rear passengers benefit from a technological upgrade for the new Bentayga with the new larger control panel with touch screen, similar to that introduced in the all-new Flying Spur. The five-inch screen uses more contemporary graphics and has additional processing power thanks to an integrated quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM. The unit can control a range of functions, from heating and massaging the rear seats to the multimedia system and navigation, including mood lighting, power windows and sunroof.

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