2021 Bentley Bentayga Possibly Leaked With Barely Noticeable Facelift

Bentley’s opulent SUV has gone through bittersweet moments in recent weeks. On the one hand, Crewe’s luxobarge was affected by a recall involving more than a quarter of the vehicles never made because of a fire risk linked to the fuel line connector. On the other hand, the Bentayga recently celebrated an important milestone in the sale – 20,000 units.

The large, charging SUV is now preparing for a mid-cycle update approximately four years after entering the market. During this interval, Bentley has managed to sell almost 14 copies each day, so this impending facelift has big shoes to fill. The Bentayga 2021 hasn’t been officially revealed yet, but thanks to social media, two grainy images give us a glimpse of the updated variant.

These seemingly official photos show that little will change on the outside, although the quadruple headlights seem to have a more oval shape than before, unless the image is distorted. The air intakes are clearly new as the shape has been changed, with the fog light housing also overhauled. The lower grille is higher than before, but it no longer extends from one corner of the bumper to the other. A new alloy wheel design completes the changes on the outside.

The other image allows us to take a look inside the cabin where it looks like the infotainment system has been updated. We have the impression that it is larger than before because there are no more conventional orders accompanying it. It probably works on the Volkswagen group’s MIB3 system, offering smoother operation thanks to more power under the hood.

Official image of Bentley Bentayga 2021 unveiled

A fully digital instrument cluster will also be part of the mid-cycle revisions, as will the central air vents avoiding the round shape of the sides for a more angular configuration. Although this image shows a four-seat cabin, we expect Bentley to also sell the Bentayga 2021 with five and seven seats as before.

Expect an official revelation in the coming weeks, with a more fuel-efficient W12 and essentially the same V8 and V6 plug-in hybrid powertrains. As for whether the V8 diesel borrowed by the Audi SQ8 will return, we do not know for the moment.

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