2021 Bentley Bentayga online configurator

2021 Bentley Bentayga Configurator Is Up, Spend Your Virtual Money Wisely

The new Bentley Bentayga has joined the most recent portfolio of any luxury car manufacturer with its launch on Bentley’s online car configurator. With seemingly endless combinations of colors and functionality, the Bentley Configurator is the perfect tool to inspire customers to specify their new vehicle.

The full configurator uses over 1.7 million rendered images to provide the customer with an almost infinite number of options for the full range of Bentley models. Individual component images are taken directly from Bentley’s digital warehouse, linked to engineering and manufacturing systems, displaying a realistic rendering of a customer’s vehicle. To ensure that digital art represents the high standards of the Bentley physical world, the 280,000 images of the new Bentayga had to be analyzed and verified, including the alignment of veneers and dots and even the flow of cross stitches to hand in the whole cabin. To ensure perfection, digital artisans are trained in the same processes and techniques by qualified Bentleys colleagues in production.

Paul Chapman, Bentley Virtual Media Manager, comments:

“My job is to unite technology and luxury in the production of digital Bentleys with the same fusion of know-how, innovation and durability as our physical cars. I’m often asked how many images are needed to recreate a Bentley – which can have up to 10 billion possible configurations – in the digital space, and the new Bentayga needed 280,000 images to display all of the customer’s options .

“If I were to print them all on A4 paper, the stack of paper would be 28 meters high.”

As vehicle complexity increases, the time it takes to bring a product to market decreases, therefore, a more agile and efficient digital solution is needed to provide a new model in the configurator. After approaching a number of international suppliers in Europe and Hollywood, a collaboration with Intel was formed due to their knowledge and a pixel, simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects. This produces a high degree of realism but requires a significant amount of computing power and time.

By working together since 2017, Bentley and Intel have made significant improvements. Thanks to Intel’s integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into OSPRay and comments and data provided by Bentley, it is now possible to render images faster than ever. By reducing the production time of the configurator, more time can be devoted to eliminating errors. A 33% improvement in error finding was made between the first and second generation configurator for Bentayga despite a 600% increase in content.

With engineering, data can be displayed in stunning visual detail. The reduction in calculation time and the amount of energy consumed also contribute to improving sustainability.

Bentley is now looking to further expand the project, combining Intel rendering performance and optimized AI toolkits with Bentley’s digital expertise. Training software to understand product accuracy and quality standards continues to increase efficiency and reduce the time required to deliver images, inspire customers and deliver future interactive luxury experiences.

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