2021 Audi S3 Looks Impressive In Acceleration And Top Speed Tests

The recently revealed 2021 Audi S3 Sportback is a prohibited fruit in the United States. It’s a shame, because its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine producing 306 horsepower (228 kilowatts) makes the S3 a brave five-door car. This is confirmed in a new Automann-TV video on YouTube, which sampled Audi’s acceleration performance both at a standstill and at 100 km / h (62 mph).

When Audi launched the S3, it claimed a 0-62 mph (100 km / h) time of 4.8 seconds for the hot hatch. This is the first test done in the video, using the secure space of a race track to set up launch control for what should be an ideal race. We know that car manufacturers sometimes exaggerate the performance statistics, but in this case the published time has been reached without a problem. In fact, the test returned the exact same time of 4.8 seconds. Well done, Audi.

From there, the tests moved to unlimited sections of the German Autobahn for rolling runs from 100 km / h to 200 km / h. There was no official automaker benchmark for comparison, but after a few test sprints the S3 returned a time of 11.8 seconds. The video indicates that it was a bit faster than the previous generation VW Golf R that they tested, despite having a small power advantage. The driver couldn’t resist the pursuit of traction to graze the S3’s factory limited top speed of 250 km / h, and with the speedo still climbing enthusiastically at this point, we believe that ‘he could go a little higher with the limiter removed.

While the S3 sedan won’t arrive on American shores, there is good news for Americans looking for a new S3 experience. Audi recently confirmed that the S3 sedan will enter the market as a 2022 model. It packs the same powertrain and grip as the Sportback, but unfortunately there will be a wait before the car arrives. As a 2022 model, it is expected to reach dealerships by the end of 2021.

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