2021 Acura TLX Already Offered With Nearly $3,000 In Lease Incentives

The Acura TLX is brand new for 2021, and early indications suggest it is an improvement over the outgoing model in almost every way. It’s also more expensive, at least in terms of entry-level finish, and not just a few bucks either. Maybe that’s why Acura is already offering modest incentives for its new sport sedan.

That said, a new report from Cars Direct shows that it is still quite expensive even with the discount, and this only applies to rental customers. The crux of the deal includes $ 1,900 in rental cash, with an additional $ 1,000 bonus for returning Acura customers or defaulting buyers from other brands. Add them up, and it’s a maximum discount of $ 2,900 but only if you want to hire a TLX. For those who make a purchase, Acura will continue to take advantage of the $ 1,000 rebate and pair it with 1.9% financing.

Unfortunately, the current TLX rental is not exactly great. The report states that a base model TLX leases $ 399 per month with $ 3,999 down payment and a mileage limit of 10,000 miles per year, for three years. When the down payment is added to the total payments, you get an effective monthly payment of $ 510. The maximum rental discount only reduces the monthly payment to $ 369 with only $ 100 less at checkout. This combines for an effective monthly payment of $ 477, and as the report points out, the total TLX lease payment is almost the same as a 2020 MDX which has a considerably higher MSRP.

For 2021, the base TLX model receives a new engine almost as powerful as the now discontinued TLX V6. Essentially, Acura has essentially eliminated the lower performing variants from the TLX lineup, but the result is a price increase of $ 4,500 year over year. Indeed, Cars Direct reports that 2020 TLX three-year leases are still available at $ 299 per month, with a down payment of $ 2,999.

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That said, our first impression of the TLX reveals a car worthy of a higher price tag. More power under the hood comes with more interior space, a cleaner, more luxurious cabin, and a platform that’s both more refined and more exhilarating to drive. Whether or not buyers respond to the improved TLX and its improved price tag, only time will tell.

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