2020 Volvo 240 Rendering Shows It’s Still Hip To Be Square

[UPDATE] The Sketch Monkey has released a new rendering that shows how the front fascia of the modern 240 would be adapted for 2020.

Volvo probably makes some of the most attractive sedans in the industry, so The Sketch Monkey wanted to know what one of their most popular three-box models of yesteryear would look like in 2020. He chose a car that was close to his heart because the 240 was part of his childhood and adolescence in many ways.

One of the oldest nameplates in Volvo’s history remains as square as ever in this Photoshop redesign following the artist’s decision to apply a “Scandinavian theme”. He mentioned previous and current S60 models as inspiration while retaining the brick shape of the classic 240. It rests on alloy wheels borrowed from the S90 and adopts the company’s sharp C-shaped taillights off the back of the car.

The Sketch Monkey has kept the clean, simple lines of the original 240 while retaining the huge trunk lid that you will probably never see on a new car. It still sends that tank feel, and we’d be curious to see how the front fascia would be modernized for the modern era. Needless to say, current safety and pedestrian regulations would make it almost impossible to resuscitate a design that dates back to the first half of the 1970s.

2020 Volvo 240 rendering

The artist’s attempt to revive a classic Volvo follows a similar design exercise he did less than a month ago for the C30 three-door hatchback. It seems that he has a weakness for the Swedish brand, which is not so surprising given that he grew up just outside Stockholm, surrounded by 240. He also did the 850 R at the beginning of the year, keeping his hearse profile.

Many will say “leave it to the professionals,” but there’s nothing wrong with just checking out how a freelance artist imagines a classic design that fits Volvo’s current design language.

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