2020 Roush Ford Ranger: Raptor Looks Without Raptor Name (Or Power)

2020 Roush Ford Ranger: Raptor Looks Without Raptor Name (Or Power)

There are perhaps a million ways to customize a midsize truck like the 2020 Ford Ranger to stand out from its other factory mates. But not all of these efforts will be noticed in the same way. Of course, you can go for the performance upgrades from Ford. Or, with a little more throwaway cash on hand, one of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to take the guesswork out of sprucing up Ford’s mighty mid-size pickup is the Roush Ranger Pack.

Starting at $ 12,750 more than the base price of a 2020 Ford Ranger 302A equipped 2.3-liter XLT EcoBoost trim truck, the 2020 Roush Performance Roush Ranger features tasteful upgrades for the exterior, the interior and suspension. Additional personalization is optional. This price does not include any engine upgrades, unless you include the smooth exhaust system. The price tag may invoke initial sticker shock, but it’s all backed by a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. And let’s face it – little by little it is very easy to sink twelve thousand dollars on a truck.

Available in eight body color options, the 2020 Roush Ranger’s exterior is further distinguished by a Roush grille (which literally says “Roush”, just to make sure everyone knows it’s a Roush) which incorporates two clever LED light bars. Drawing inspiration from its brother Raptor (not yet confirmed for the US!) And its larger cousin F-150 Raptor, the Roush uses magnetic gray fender flares for a sportier look. Finally, custom fender vent badges and Roush “R” puddle lamps, tailgate badge and hitch cover contribute to the subtlety. cool aspect. The standard graphic set can be enhanced with a top stripe graphic above the door handles or a rocker stripe graphic.

The interior of the Roush Ranger is characterized by leather seats with quilted stitching. Of course, the Roush logo is embroidered on the seat backs, and in case that doesn’t solidify its Roush-ness, there are serialized interior badges as well. Custom gauges and durable WeatherTech flooring complement standard interior additions. A Roush-branded lockable center console safe and rear trunk are available as options.

The Roush Ranger gets off-road improvements thanks to (red tow hooks, duh) a Roush / Fox 2.0 Off-Road Performance suspension system assisted by large 32-inch General Grabber ATX tires mounted on 18-inch satin black Roush rims. inch and bolted to the truck with locking lug nuts. A Roush in-bed tracker with two 10-inch SR-Series Pro rigid light bars is optional, or for those who wish to cover the bed, it can be supplemented with a retractable aluminum bedspread that opens and closes. closes with a switch; a bed cargo management system is optional with the bedspread. An off-road utility kit containing salvage items such as jumper cables, tow straps, tow hooks, ratchet tie-down straps, gloves, and a flashlight is also optional.

Roush’s interpretation of the 2020 Ford Ranger combines performance and style in an elegant yet avant-garde, trendy yet timeless way. Customers can build and review the Roush Ranger, Roush F-150, and Roush Raptor on the Roush Performance website.

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