2020 Nissan Sentra Road-Trip Review: The Pros and Cons of Compact Car Travel

2020 Nissan Sentra Road-Trip Review: The Pros and Cons of Compact Car Travel

Can a car get chubby? It was the question I asked myself every time I saw our long-range 2020 Nissan Sentra languishing in my driveway. Without a ride to MotorTrend Headquarters, so far, the Nissan had made escapades no more demanding than the half-mile drive to the supermarket and the mile drive to my favorite Mexican establishment. It reminded me of images of a bored dog locked up in desperate need of a change of scenery and a good, long, vigorous walk. Or, wait, was that me?

After its first months of service as a strictly urban car, the Sentra has finally had the chance to stretch its legs on the road. Piloted by MotorTrend SEO guru Thomas Rosquin, our Nissan, made the round trip from Southern California to Arizona and back, providing a much needed change of perspective for him and the Rosquin family. With so much packed driving in just a few days, Rosquin returned home with a handful of car sightings to go along with his new tan. Here is an overview of some pros and cons:

Pro: interior space of the 2020 Nissan Sentra

Despite the Sentra’s classification as a compact car, the Nissan’s expansive cabin impressed Rosquin. It is large enough to comfortably accommodate four adults. Of course, when you hit the road, it always seems like there’s more luggage than there are people, and the Sentra’s 14.3 cubic foot trunk in its trunk surpasses both the 11.9 cubic feet of the Honda Civic and the 13.2 cubic Mazda 3. Rosquin also noted: “The 60/40 split rear seat gives you several options for the passage.”

Pro: 2020 Nissan Sentra seats and interior with the SV Premium package

As you will recall from my arrival piece on the Sentra, the plush interior (part of the $ 2,460 SV Premium package) scored big with me right off the bat, especially the decadent seats. . I haven’t had the chance to see for myself whether they are as comfortable on long journeys as they are beautiful, but Rosquin did. “The seats were extremely comfortable for this price. I can attest that even after a five hour road trip my butt was still maxed out. Pretty good for a cheap compact car. (It should be noted that the Sentra receives Nissan’s “Zero Gravity” seats even without the SV Premium pack, which adds the beautiful quilted leather.)

2020 Nissan Sentra headlights with the SV Premium package

The SV Premium package also includes upgraded LED headlights. Headlights may be something the average driver doesn’t think about much until something goes wrong, but they stood out – and not in a good way. “The woman and I hated the headlights,” Rosquin said. “Sure, the LEDs looked cool from the front, but from the cockpit the shape of the headlights cast eerie shadows just out of your peripheral vision, which was distracting and annoying. Sometimes there is no beating the basics.


I admit that Rosquin’s trip sparked my jealousy, so I’m going on my own family road trip in a few weeks. My extended time in the driver’s seat will be the subject of the next update.

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