2020 Corvette Oil Changes Are Super Easy Thanks To Engineers

Mechanics often have a list of hated makes and models that are absolute nightmares to work and repair. Often, the crucial parts are in hard-to-reach places, and some cars are so hellish that a simple change of oil could cause the key to hang up. Nor is it as if cars are getting easier to work with. However, those who deposit money for a new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 won’t have much trouble swapping the oil.

A new video from Roadshow takes us under the 2020 Corvette C8 with Josh Holder, Corvette program engineering manager, highlighting interesting parts of the undercarriage. There’s not much to look at – it’s flat and covered with panels – but there are two cutouts for the oil drain plug and oil filter that provide direct access to these parts. There is no wringing to unscrew the filter, and weekend keys won’t have to worry about spilling oil everywhere or removing and reinstalling the panels.

Chevy engineers kept the undercarriage covered to keep the air below moving freely. This helps reduce drag while increasing downforce – both win for performance. Holder indicates the rear brake lines where owners can install an elbow line that connects to the lower control arm, which helps cool the brakes. At the front there is the suspension lifting system which can lift the front end by about two inches. The system can store the locations where you used the suspension lift, so it will do so automatically in the future.

Chevy introduced the mid-engine Corvette a year ago next month and reversed the icon script. The car even won an award for its interior quality, which in the past has not been the car’s best feature. But we always start with this new generation of Corvettes. We know there will be an upcoming Z06 model that will deliver high performance, and the details are already starting to leak.

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