2020 Chevy Corvette Looks Like A Legit Supercar With Lambo Doors

Is the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette still a sports car, or is it a bona fide supercar? If your supercar the definition is based on price and exclusivity, the answer is no. With a basic MSRP creaking just under $ 60,000 and Chevrolet’s original plan to build more than 40,000 for its inaugural year, the C8 is relatively affordable and not exclusive from a distance.

If, however, your definition depends on style and performance, the answer is definitely yes. This is further reinforced by a new spare scissor holder kit which is now available, as all suitable supercars have vertically opening doors, right?

The kit comes from Eikon Motorsports, and if it all sounds a little familiar to you, it should do it. We covered the original company announcement for the doors in early May, when there were only renderings of their appearance. The doors are now officially official, with a white C8 appearing on the company’s Instagram page with its new wings reaching very high in the sky. The kit uses factory mounting points and is said to be completely reversible if you are bored with vertical doors, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

How much does it cost to give the Corvette C8 a Lambo makeover? Eikon Motorsports announces a pre-order price of $ 2,999 installed, but indicates that the price will only be good for an additional 24 hours. Since the post increased a day ago, it is from this article, it is safe to assume that the pre-order agreement is complete, which makes the price installed $ 4,299. If you only want the kit, it’s $ 2,699 and includes bolt-on hinges with two gas shocks to lift the doors.

Today, “Lambo” door kits are available for just about every car on the road. Of course, exotic doors look better on a high-performance machine with a central engine than on a practical sedan. But does the kit add more supercar to the C8 formula? Share your thoughts with us on Lambo doors in the aftermarket in general.

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