2020 Chevy Corvette Getting Complaints Over Frunk Opening While Driving

There isn’t a perfect car – it’s when you look at it objectively. Of course, this will come to a point where you would accept faults in your car, no matter how boring these things were. This is part of the whole ownership of a car. But one fact remains: there is a thing or two about any car that needs to be repaired.

This even goes for a car as revered as the Chevrolet Corvette 2020. We have already heard of complaints from owners. Some are as serious as the ergonomics of the mid-engine sports coupe or the way the car locks even when the keys are inside, while others are as simple as flaws in the seams of the painting. of edge.

However, nothing more serious than this latest complaint CorvetteBlogger has uncovered. According to some current Corvette owners, there are cases where the frunk the cover opens while the car is in motion, as shown in the video above.

CorvetteBlogger also found two NHTSA filings on the issue. Two complaints were submitted to NHTSA, the first dated April 11, 2020 and the other dated April 30, 2020. The two incidents were similar – the trunk lid opened while the car was in motion, blocking the view of the driver.

While these incidents can be a problem with the hood open before you even move forward, keep in mind that the Corvette displays a warning on the dashboard when the trunk is open. The two complaints submitted to NHTSA stated that the hood opened without warning.

We’re not entirely sure what is causing the frunk to open at this point, and as CorvetteBlogger underlined, we seem to be at the start of this issue. We haven’t heard from Chevrolet about this yet, so for Corvette owners, just beware when driving your sports coupe and be sure to heed the warnings on your dashboard.

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