2020 Acura NSX Gets A Massive $20,000 Discount

July 4 is fast approaching, and you know what it means for automakers in the United States: huge discounts and great promotions. While discounts are generally in the 5-digit range right now, the Acura NSX gets a huge one – enough to buy a cheap car.

The July 4 auto transaction wave was exposed by CarsDirect, including the Acura supercar. According to the website, which specializes in monitoring prices and transactions across the United States, NSX buyers who choose to lend or rent through Acura Financial Services are eligible for a $ 20,000 bonus. The information was obtained through a dealer incentive newsletter.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that we have seen Acura offer a huge discount for the NSX. Last year, the hybrid supercar gets a secret $ 20,000 incentive for the 2019 NSX, effectively using a 12% reduction in its sticker price.

Other Acura cars eligible for discounts include the flagship RLX, which is available at a discount of $ 12,000 no matter where you finance or rent the vehicle. The TLX, on the other hand, offers a $ 10,200 discount when renting, but that includes a $ 1,500 loyalty discount. The TLX offer ends July 6.

CarsDirect also spotted other interesting offers as July 4 approached. The 2020 Jeep Cherokee is now available for financing at an annual rate of 0% for 72 months. This translates into $ 2,800 in savings compared to the previous 72-month financing rate for the same vehicle.

The 2020 Honda Pilot in LX version, on the other hand, is now available for rental for only $ 239 for 36 months, with $ 2,999 at signing. This makes its cost effective at $ 322 per month, which is only $ 12 more than renting the Honda CR-V LX at $ 310 with $ 0 down payment.

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