2011-2019 Ford Mustang Getrag Manual Transmission Lawsuit

2011-2019 Ford Mustang Getrag Manual Transmission Lawsuit

Automotive News reports that a group of owners of Ford Mustangs from 2011 and newer are suing the company for alleged defects in the sports car’s Getrag MT82 six-speed manual transmission. The lawsuit alleges that Ford is aware of the problem but did not take adequate measures to prevent it, despite a series of technical service bulletins (TSBs) and other advice to dealers on various transmission problems.

TSBs address a number of issues, all related to the quality of the gear changes: grinding, higher than expected gear shift effort, delayed clutch re-engagement and notching. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation found that there were no safety risks associated with the problems, and Ford has provided some fixes that would purport to address these complaints. You can view the summary of the NHTSA investigation here.

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But the owners say it’s not enough – and that, without response, the alleged underlying flaws in the Getrag design can cause “premature internal wear and tear, increased shifting efforts, inability to drive and, possibly a catastrophic failure. ” Ford declined to comment on the allegations, according to AN.

The Getrag MT82 replaced the old Tremec 3650 for the 2011 model year. When it was new, it was a significant improvement in the quality of the teams and, more importantly, won a full report over to its five-speed predecessor. Revised for the 2018 model year, the updated MT82-D4 (which is also involved in the lawsuit) was intended to resolve some of the issues plaguing the previous variant, with stronger synchros via the fourth gear and a feeling of revised gear change. Ford also added a dual-disc clutch and a dual-mass flywheel. We found the MT82-D4 “high friction and creepy” in use, receiving almost unanimous reviews from our staff.

The lawsuit, filed in California, will be heard by the United States District Court for the eastern district of Michigan.

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