2001 Dodge Viper Reimagined With A Modern Design In New Rendering

The Dodge Viper had been around for almost 30 years before Dodge killed the car at the end of the 2017 model year. During its lifespan, Dodge refined not only the performance of the car, but also its design , but not as much as you’d expect. The latest video from TheSketchMonkey’s YouTube channel shows how little the car has changed and what the 2001 would look like today if Dodge manufactured a modern version of the original supercar.

While Dodge put the Viper through five generations before disconnecting the plug three years ago, the exterior proportions have not changed. The hood has been around long enough in the history of the car, bringing the A-pillar closer to the back of the car. The rounded greenhouse also continued. The new rendering does not seek to rewrite the original design of the Viper. Instead, the new coupe carries a sharper appearance.

Many of the rounded edges of the original Viper are reworked to be a little sharper. This means that there are several minor adjustments; however, they help to improve the design of the car. The wider and narrower taillights seem ripe for LED processing while the integrated spoiler becomes a bit more functional with potential outputs hiding next to the wider bumper, which now connects to the lower rear bumper.

The subtle touches, like the sharpening of the design lines on the side of the body and the very flattening of the roof, really bring the design of the Viper into the 21st century. The rear fairing alone, where the majority of the changes are concentrated, looks like the one you can see today even if Dodge no longer produces it.

The rendering doesn’t radically change the appearance of the Viper, and it’s not a bad thing. The original Viper looked beautiful 30 years ago, even with its rounded corners, but Dodge kept the main design unchanged until it stopped, as some designs are truly timeless.

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