1994 Ford Ranger With Manual Gearbox Jammed Into First Gear While Driving

1994 Ford Ranger With Manual Gearbox Jammed Into First Gear While Driving

In a perfect display of curiosity about mechanical sympathy, Mike de Automatic vlog shows what happens when you lock your car in first gear at a speed of 65 miles per hour (104 kilometers per hour).

For the uninitiated, he’s already achieved classics like throwing his truck in reverse while driving, removing the key at high speed, and even filling a Chevy Prizm with milk rather than engine oil. While the previous video featuring the Ranger in reverse wasn’t enough to destroy it, Mike really wanted to put the “Built Ford Tough” slogan to the test with an almost suicidal downshift from fifth to first.

Most of you know that the 1994 test truck is not the fastest vehicle on the planet. Since it was only capable of 56 km / h (35 mph) in first gear, it took a lot of room to hit 65 km / h – luckily the same quiet stretch of road used in the previous test would suffice.

Luckily for our viewing pleasure, since forward gears aren’t as dumb-proof as reverse, Mike could still beef up the vehicle first. Unlike the previous experience with bad driving in which the vehicle took multiple hits, it only took two extreme downshifts for the Ranger to fire.

The mechanical failure was not as dramatic as expected; in fact, it was almost inaudible from the images on board. There was a dull click after releasing the clutch and the vehicle did not engage. After parking the broken down truck, he had to shamefully call his wife to come and get him and drive him home.

We can’t wait to see the truck’s next autopsy to see what exactly went wrong – we’d bet it was a clutch or a transmission, but let’s wait and see.

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