Porsche Sign Illuminated

16-Foot-Long Porsche Dealership Sign Is A Totally Reasonable Impulse Buy

Due to a new energy law in California, Porsche enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to own the massive signs that adorn Porsche dealers around the world. This special opportunity comes to us from a Facebook Marketplace listing which is currently selling a few sets of these Porsche panels for just $ 12,300 each. If you are interested in owning these signs that will surely prove your love for Porsches, you had better act quickly as they will surely be sold out very soon.

In August 2018, California passed the SB100 Energy Act, which outlines California’s goal of being 100% renewable on energy by 2045. Part of this law requires all neon signs to comply with California energy consumption laws. This new law has prompted all California-based Porsche dealers, which encompass more than 30 locations, to replace their dealer’s signs with new LED units.

According to the listing, the seller has a relationship with one of the signage contractors who was responsible for updating the Porsche signage. This entrepreneur just happens to be a signage enthusiast who saved a few signs and restored them to use new LED lighting. The seller has acquired two recently updated panel sets and is now offering you this unique property opportunity. This exciting opportunity is a totally unintended consequence of the California SB100 Energy Law and a fantastic story to accompany a memorable item from Porsche.

These 16-foot-long panels may cost as much as a used Boxster or a 944 coupe, but there are thousands of examples of either car, but only a few Porsche panels in the hands of consumers. What happened to the other 28 signs? Depending on the seller, they were either destroyed or thrown away, leaving only a few examples for sale.

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