$100K Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle Makes First Run on Track

This striking mechanical exuberance is the Aston Martin AMB 001 limited edition motorcycle, the fruit of a partnership between AM and another venerable British brand: Brough Superior. Famous for the motorcycles he built in the 1920s and 1930s, the resurrected Brough Superior brought his engineering and testing expertise to the project. Today, the duo announced the start of dynamic testing before production of the Aston Martin AMB001 begins later this year.

Powered by a 997 cc V-twin engine at 88 degrees with semi-dry sump lubrication, a significantly too square bore of 94 x 71.8 mm and a turbocharger, the Aston Martin AMB001 is rated at 180 horsepower – a large number for a two-wheeler at any weight, not to mention the rather slim package of the AMB 001. Aston has not yet revealed the expected weight of the AMB 001, but taking into account the appearance of the bike and from its apparent mission – thrilling track performance – it’s likely to weigh less than 600 pounds in final form (maybe a lot less), even with its imposing intercooler.

But before he can see the final specifications of the Aston Martin AMB 001, he must finish his development. As the video shows, testing has just started, but the fact that it has already started is remarkable, as the two companies announced their partnership last November. While the chassis is under development, presented here at Pau-Arnos in France, the engine will be developed simultaneously in the factory.

“Everyone involved has made great strides in developing AMB 001, despite the challenges we have all faced,” said Marek Reichman, executive vice president and chief creative officer of Aston Martin. “This special bike is, like our road cars, the result of a beautiful design combined with modern technology to produce a bike that any collector will be proud of. We are delighted to see the progress made, on and off track, and expect looking forward to the start of production for this superb machine. “

It’s not flashy at all and no substance, however, even outside of the 180hp V-twin. Brough Superior called upon Mecano ID for its aerospace-grade carbon fiber expertise to help execute the structure required for the characteristic aluminum fin that spans the length of the carbon fiber fuel tank, below the pilot and on the rear fender.

Like the recent limited edition of ABS on the theme of James Bond Dleg Superleggera, the AMB 001 will be limited in its race: only 100 copies will be produced once the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France, will begin screwing them together this fall, and deliveries are scheduled to begin by the end of 2020.

How much does it cost? Aston has not yet announced the price in US dollars, but it is listed at € 108,000, including 20% ​​VAT, so it is conceivable that an American can get their hands for less than $ 100,000. If you prefer to run a more difficult business, but still want unusual British steel, check out the latest Scrambler Bond edition of Triumph, which started at $ 18,500. However, it has already been sold, so you will need to keep an eye out for it on the used market.

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