$1.7M Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum Motorhome Can Swallow An AMG GT

$1.7M Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum Motorhome Can Swallow An AMG GT

Motorhomes come in more shapes and sizes than ever before, but the top range of these already expensive vehicles is downright opulent. Take the example of the new Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum. It’s Variomobil’s new top-of-the-line offering that starts at around $ 1 million. Options can take that price up to over $ 1.7 million, especially if you have to buy a new vehicle that fits in the garage in the back of the motorhome.

Yes, you read that right. The Perfect 1200 Platinum offers a car transporter designed to swallow a Mercedes-AMG GT or a similar sized car like the Porsche 911. Don’t tell the motorhome. Vario builds it on a Mercedes chassis while being based on the Benz Actros 2453. Power comes from a 10.7-liter turbo-diesel six-cylinder engine developing 422 horsepower (329 kilowatts). An optional 12.8-liter mill produces 523 hp (390 kW). Vario offers the garage in several sizes.

But the garage is just one aspect of the Perfect 1200 Platinum that makes it unique. On the one hand, it comes with up to three sliding sections, depending on the layout, and the larger model even includes a hallway connecting the living and sleeping areas. The hallway skirts the traditional bathroom, which includes a closed shower. The motorhome is also wide enough to allow two people to walk alongside each other.

Vario offers the Perfect 1200 with many options, including a washer / dryer, back-up generator, air conditioner and solar charging. Customers can also choose from several entertainment systems and accessories such as a Bose sound system or an Apple TV. The steep price should be enough to say that there are plenty of options available if you don’t mind paying for them. Then again, if your motorhome requires you to buy a new car, the cost is not much of a concern.

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